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Sage With Yahoo Pipes - Fetch Page

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    Sage is an agragator for firefox which makes it quick and easy to view rss feeds. http://pipes.yahoo.com/ [Broken] is a feed blender lets you combine several rss feeds into one feed.

    I want to be able to more efficiently check new posts on forms, so I would like to be able to combine feeds from several formus into a single feed. I can do this provided the forum has an rss feed. Not all forms do but these forums often have a new post feature.

    Yahoo pipes has a module called "http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/docs?doc=sources#FetchPage [Broken]", which will let you fetch a wep page and parse it into an RSS feed. Does anyone one have good example on how to use this on the new posts page of forums? These pages often structure the information as an HTML table.
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    What I might want to do might be tricky but on something related I found this cool pipe that can extract information from a face book group. Check out the functionality they have!

    http://pipes.yahoo.com/jasonsilver/facebookgroup [Broken]
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