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Medical SAMe as a stand-alone antidepressant?

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    You've already started from the same source where I'd look for the information. If nothing is coming up, then there's a good likelihood there aren't any.

    Another place you can search to see if there have been any further studies (possibly unpublished...and then a matter of figuring out if it's because they aren't yet complete, for proprietary reasons, or that they didn't work out) would be here:

    That's a list of active clinical trials. If the first reports of that drug were out in 2004, it's possible further clinical trials are still underway, or only recently completed, so not yet in the published literature. It's also possible that other trials have identified major adverse events (bad side effects) and it's no longer being considered for that purpose. Sometimes the only way to find out something like that is to contact the authors of the published study to find out if they know of a reason there hasn't been any follow-up publications.
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