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Samuel Smith's is my favorite beer company

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    Has anyone tried anything from "Samuel Smith's"?

    I tried their Strawberry Ale which was by far the best fruit beer I've ever had, and I decided to try their Oatmeal Stout a couple of nights ago which blew me away. Looking forward to trying their pale ale or whatever I see next.. great beer, pick something up from them if you ever get the chance. Both of these were at a local Albertsons.
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    It's hard to get their stuff around here but I've had their oatmeal stout before, which is great. I think I've had their pale ale too.
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    I'm going to make a point to get the pale ale as soon as I finish the rest of the oatmeal stout I bought (four pack of 12 oz bottles) and my stockpile of Young's DC stout. The two are almost similar, though the Young's has almost no carbonation.
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    Exactly how I started out. They're all good; but I've settle to this one.


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