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Schools for Robotics/ AI in a Math Dept.

  1. Jul 2, 2007 #1
    Does anyone know of any Mathematics departments in the US that are actively involved with Robotics and or Artificial Intelligence?
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    Mathematics has nothing to do with robotics. You could marginally say that AI makes a few contacts with pure mathematics here and there, but for the most part the two topics have nothing to do with each other at all.

    - Warren
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    Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is the first (in the US) to offer a bachelor's degree in Robotics Engineering.

    You can read about the program here: http://www.wpi.edu/News/Releases/20067/rbemajor.html [Broken]

    I believe robotics was usually tackled from a joint ME/EE/CS point of view. AI I am a little more unsure of but I believe is it mainly the purview of Computer Science.
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    Totally correct, Norman.

    Robotics cuts across many engineering disciplines. You'll need mechanical engineers to build your actuators and moving parts. You'll need electrical engineers to do your power electronics and control your motors. You'll need computer engineers to build your control hardware. You'll need computer scientists to write the software that solves the problems encountered by the robot.

    AI is definitely a category within computer science. Machine vision, artificial intelligence, artificial neural nets, expert systems, etc. are all computer science topics.

    - Warren
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    CMU/UPitts has an active division in AI/Robotics/Computational Neuroscience.

    the cs/psych/math programme is called CNBC center for neural basis something (i think cognitiion)...but as chroot said robotics is a cross disciplinary programme...if your looking for purely software with perhaps a psych/bio twist look into CMU...though i htink berkeley also opened up a psych/math style...i think its the redwood institute.

    University of Alberta in canada also has a good AI programme. There's always MIT...perhaps you can get some type of cosupervision.
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    Actually, I have been phishing a little. I already know, and I'll show you where, Robotics intersects mathematics. I'm phishing for schools. I even already know a few.

    Mathematics intersects Robotics in many areas. One primary area, is motion planning. We call it Computational Geometry.

    Another area, is Machine Learning. It's also a part of Statistics. If you visit the n-category cafe anytime, check out how they're looking at kernels for machine learning.

    Another big area is Neural Nets. Visit Boston U. Math department for great info.

    I think my thread has been miss informing. I'm totally aware that math and Robotics/ AI hook up big time. Not just in this country, but in 日本 too. Check out Wasada Unv.

    My question is, does anyone know of more departments? It's going to be something new. So if you've been out of school for a few years, or you're not involved with Robotics/AI you are probably not going to know. But I assure you it's involved. I'm just looking for more places.

    Currently, my own University, Stony Brook, with the applied department, with Professor Mitchell. World class mathematician there, and one of his many areas is Computational Geometry for Robots.

    Another one I found is Robert W. Ghrist at U of IL. He uses topology to work with Robotics.

    Currently that's all I know of at the moment. I have also heard Santa Cruz does work also.

    Let me add one to your list chroot, Applied Mathematicians solve the problems that the listed engineers and programmers are mathematically not inclined to be able to. And I understand there are many such problems.

    And out of curiously, which flavor of Linux chroot?

    PS. See this great paper, you can read when you type in "robotics and mathematics" into google. Nice read. It'll tell you many more areas. I just want to know which colleges. :smile:

    http://www.math.umbc.edu/~potra/FINALreport.PDF [Broken]
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    again CMU/UPitts math deptartment has profs studying robotics.
    ANy type of simulation involves plenty of mathematics and thats what they do...

    I guess your quesiton should also include what types of matheamtics youare looking for because most simulators regardless of their dept have some firm foundation in math.
  9. Jul 2, 2007 #8
    Honestly, at this moment I am reviewing my options for when I am applying to graduate school next semester. I will most likely go mathematical physics. But I have a deep curiosity with Robotics/AI.

    I'm hoping someday that there is an official field of Mathematical Robotics and Mathematical AI in the Applied Mathematics sphere.

    Most likely though, I will continue to teach myself programming and AI. Robotics will have to wait until I have a paycheck to start as a hobby :smile:

    I will check out the suggestions. Thank you.
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