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Schwarzschild Metric - Rindler coordinates

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    Hello, well I just read a paper by Atish Dabholkar and Ashoke Sen, titled "Quantum Black Holes", pp. 4-5 as shown below



    and I tried to find [itex]d\xi^{2}\frac{2GM}{\xi}=d\rho^{2}[/itex] like this


    which is different from the eq. in the paper.

    So, could somebody please help me to find my mistake in the calculation? Thank you
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    ρ2 = 8GM ξ
    ρ = √8GM √ξ
    dρ = √8GM ½dξ/√ξ = √2GM dξ/√ξ
    2 = 2GM dξ2
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    Ah thank you so much :D
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