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Science-Engineering Career Choice

  1. Aug 17, 2014 #1
    I'm about to start my second year of college, and I'm very conflicted and confused about I want my major and career path to be. This is partly because I'm interested in multiple fields (physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, I could keep going) and partly because my personality and skills aren't clearly suited for one particular field. When I try to analyze whether I would enjoy engineering or science more, I run into a problem: it's not clear whether I'm more theoretically-minded or practically-minded. I look at the fact that I really enjoy the theory I'm learning in physics and calculus classes, but then I realize that in order to understand this theory, I'm always thinking in real-world, practical examples. This makes it seem to me like I would enjoy engineering. However, I then look at the the fact that I am uninterested in (and poorly-skilled at) practical design. I've never really built things, worked on a car, etc., and in a Rube Goldberg-type project I did in high school, I felt lost for the most part. This all makes me confused as to whether engineering or science is better for me. Currently, I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, since it's very broad and leaves me with a lot of options. However, I still feel uneasy without direction and specific career goals. I was wondering if any of you have been in a situation like this and, if so, how did you find out what was right for you? Thanks.
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    Write down a list of jobs that you are interested in.

    Then speak to people who are working or had worked in these jobs. Ask them questions to know more about the job and whether you are suitable or not.

    If you realise you are not interested, then move on to another job in your list. Repeat this process until you have narrowed down your options.
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