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Science journals (QM and physics )

  1. Nov 11, 2014 #1
    I seemingly (probably because I am to stupid to) can't find any good journals on QM and physics that one can by every month (or year?) in the UK. I am not talking about the commercial astronomy or science "fun" magazines but serius QM,mathematics or physics with formuals and equations. Any recommendations are very welcome. Thanks for any help.
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    Simon Bridge

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    You need to define "good", and, for that matter, "journal".
    There are plenty of well respected peer-review journals who publish research.
    You are unlikely to approach that quality with anything you may be able to order from your newsagent.
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    There are no end of peer-reviewed journals published in the UK. Relevant journals are published by the Royal Society, the Institute of Physics (including the open-access New Journal of Physics), Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and other publishers.

    Individual subscriptions to these do not come cheap, if they are available at all. The usual method is either to be a member of an institution which has a subscription or to purchase individual papers whose abstracts appear relevant to your interests.
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    Hi, apart from what you answered "pasmith" I recommend this journal magazine:


    It is perhaps something you're looking for, Quantum Physics matters as applied to current issues. In my humble opinion, is a good reference for understanding quantum physics from real situations.

    You can also check


    Current issues and reviews of quantum physics. Very convenient for what you're looking for. In general there are not many journal mgazines that publish actual quantum issues because most magazines publish issues "unpublished" or "new" results. I hope you find it helpful. Greetings.
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