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Homework Help: Scientific Notation I feel dumb for even asking

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    The problem is attached...

    It asks for the answer to be shown in the form a,k. Whereas a is the base number and k is the exponent, with using the form of scientific notation.The answer I came up with was 9.782701624,1. I was told it's wrong and I don't know what the real answer would be then. I figured it out like 10 times.

    Any help would be nice. Thanks!

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    Too many digits.

    All of the numbers are given to 2 places after the decimal.

    The answer should be as well. 9.78 x 101
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    Thank you Lowly

    That was actually like my first answer according to like the rule of thumb of significant figures.

    With that answer I got the response..... According to your answer, you got 97.8. Is this correct? Check your calculations.

    Ok I just figured it out, they wanted 9.78,0....I hate this program that I have to work with, it sucks majorly.
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    You need to give your answer to the same number of significant digits as the numbers in the problem.
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