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News Scientists inform Obama of Corruption at the FDA

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    " Nine scientists at the Food and Drug Administration have written a letter to President-elect Barack Obama and his transition team, alleging gross mismanagement at the agency that has "placed the American public at risk.".....

    "Currently, there is an atmosphere at FDA in which the honest employee fears the dishonest employee, and not the other way around," the letter said. "Disturbingly, the atmosphere does not yet exist at FDA where honest employees committed to integrity and the FDA mission can act without fear of reprisal."

    Among the charges:

    • Scientists and doctors have been threatened and told, on occasion, to ignore FDA regulations.

    • Devices have not been properly labeled.

    • Managers without appropriate experience have been given authority to make final decisions about device regulation and have done so while ignoring serious safety and effectiveness concerns.

    • FDA experts have been excluded from product meetings because manufacturers felt that they were "biased."

    • Manufacturers have been allowed to market their products without FDA approval.

    An internal investigation of the charges, the scientists said, has resulted "in absolutely nothing: No one was held accountable, no appropriate or effective actions have been taken, and the same managers who engaged in the wrongdoing remain in place and have been rewarded and promoted.""


    So far Obama and his team have declined to comment. Is it impossible to clean up the Notoriously corrupt FDA?
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    Arrrrggg - they be more what'cha call guidlines.
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    New forum game - pick a value for $AGENCY where the above wouldn't be true. This isn't limited to federal agencies or the USA.
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    In the context of the allegations, this doesn't read very well.
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    The article is from before Obama was inaugurated.
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    He's had 100 days and hasn't cleaned it up yet?
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    The President, and the Congress, have had years to become familiar with the situation, acknowledge recognition, and at least announce the direction of a correction policy, if not execute one.
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    The FDA's image has become a bit tarnished the past few years. To resolve the issue they decided to contract a PR firm. It all went down hill from there.

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    I think that the main root of the vast corruption within so many government agencies is the revolving door phenomena. There should be better laws against people leaving a sector in industry to work for an agency or organization dealing in their industry. Here is a list detailing some cases of revolving doors.


    It doesn't look good that Obama's Nomination for FDA commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, entered via revolving door. Margaret has left her position as a member of the board of directors at Henry Schein, Inc. to join the FDA.


    "Henry Schein, Inc. is the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in the combined North American and European markets. Customers include dental practices and laboratories, physician practices, and animal health clinics, as well as government and other institutions."

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