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Scripting geometry in ansys workbench

  1. Mar 10, 2014 #1
    How to create a script geometry.
    Is it possible?
    some type?
    I need to create a script to pipe conveyor.
    After entering the input data is created geometry.

    pls help me
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  3. Oct 16, 2014 #2

    Please, find a example hereafter:

    csys,0 !default coordinate system
    !first create material + type + real constante
    mp,1 !"mp" command to complete
    et,1,pipe16 !here i chose pipe old element type 16 of version 5.1 (but sometimes I used it for v12 or v14)
    r,1,... !"r" command to complete

    !now the geometry - pipe 1 meter length
    k,1, !"k"command for kpoint kp1 (0,0,0)
    k,2,1, !kp2 (1,0,0)
    L,1,2 !line geometry

    lesize,...!number of elements or length for one element pipe
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