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Medical Searching for Psychological Studies

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    Today I was flipping through Scientific American today to try to find some articles to use for a report that I'm writing in my AP Psychology course. Specifically, I was searching for articles that cite their actual studies, the variables tested, etc. Does anyone know of a good publication (or website) that has this sort of content? I know that they, obviously, exist, but a search at Barnes & Noble and Google didn't yield any immediate results that were of good quality.
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    It can be very difficult to gain access to academic research without a university affiliation. Unless you have such an affiliation it tends to be prohibitively expensive to read the original literature.

    Your best bet is to google a particular area of psychology that you are interested in and find the names of some people working in that field. Maybe the authors of the scientific american articles you've been interested in would work for this. Then you can search for the individual people. You'll find that most of them will have websites where they have posted pdfs of their own research publications which you will be able to download for free.
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    Have you tried this http://scholar.google.co.uk/ .

    I had the same problem I had to get someone at university to get me free research papers off psychology journal sites.
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    Can you not go to the univ library and read them there?
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    I'm in high school, merely taking college classes. :-)

    Thanks for that Google link, it looks like it has some of what I'm searching for!

    Also, thank you for the advice, Cincinnatus, that's what I ended up doing and the editors were very helpful in getting me information.
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    you can do that here in alabama. lister hill medical library at UAB is public access, and i assume many other taxpayer-funded institutions are the same.
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    You can try searching http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?cmd=search&db=pubmed" [Broken], there are articles that are freely available. When you click to see the abstract there should be an icon that will tell you whether it is free or not.
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