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Self propelling electromagnetic generator

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    Hi everyone, i am new here.

    I have been doing some research on a self propelling electromagnetic generator. I am a bit confused on why they dont work and was hoping to have some input on some of my ideas.

    So the normal electromagnetic generator has a wheel with rare earth magnets while the electromagnets are what spins that wheel. I've talked with a few friends about the whole "Magniwork" design. They are in their final year of college for their degrees in electrical engineering. THey said that it wont work because magnetic friction in the coils that fight the rotor as it turns(which is why generators bog and rev up when a big load is put on them).

    So that being said, with the design the same but why can't you have adjustable electromagnets? When you put more electricity into the electromagnet the stronger the magnetic field becomes, producing the rotor to spin faster creating more power(without a load) or when their is a load if you divert enough power the the electromagnets you will be able to keep the wheel spinning producing power.

    Is this a possible way of producing power? If Nikola Tesla developed a way to create power from cosmic rays and transmit electricity hundreds of miles away with the LACK of technology they we must be able to find a solution to power a house without burning fossil fuels and producing free engery
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    Free energy is impossible because of the second law of thermodynamics.
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