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So a little background,
physics major/math minor
3.81 overall GPA, 3.65 physics
4 good letters of rec
combined 4.5 yrs research with 3+ at a good internship with a very renowned government funded private research company in southern California, dont want to name names

However, I just took the practice PGREs and score a 590 which is embarrassingly low. I was already thinking about applying to mechanical engineering phd program and was going to send my GRE scores along with my applications but Im wondering, assuming I dont gain 250 points overnight would sending them help or hurt if I don't do so well?? I was also going to apply to some applied physics places, but with those kinds of PGRE scores I can't see where I could get in. Am I screwed for physics grad school now if I choose to go that route?

thanks all


You should work to bring your Physics GRE score up. Most places require them for a higher-level Physics degree.
Maybe I'm misunderstanding your situation, but why are you sending your Physics GRE scores along with applications to a mechanical engineering graduate program?

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