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Homework Help: Separable differential equations question

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    http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/3306/questionmakaveliec7.gif [Broken]

    How do I solve this? I can't seem to get part a and thus any of the other parts...

    Any help would be appreciated... Thanx! :cool:
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    You haven't shown any work at all so I'm not going to say much: If you take in C calories a day and burn 17.5 calories per pound (so that if your weight is W pounds you burn 17.5W calories) then your "excess in calories" is C- 17.5W calories. Write an equation that says dW/dt is proportional to that.
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    would it be dW/dt = (1/3500) * (C - 17.5*W) ?
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