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Homework Help: Series - convergent or divergent?

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    Series -- convergent or divergent?

    1. Determine whether the following series is convergent or divergent. When a series is convergent, find the sum. If it diverges, find if it is infinity, - inf, or DNE.

    Ʃ [(1/na) - 1/ (n+1)a]

    2. we are finding if a >0

    3. I know that it converges but I do not know how to find the sum of it. Can anyone help me? At least get me going in the right direction
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    Re: Series

    why don't you try redefining the summation variable in ONE of the two terms ...
    what would a wise choice be?
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    hi knv! :smile:
    try writing out the sum of the first three or four terms …

    do you see a pattern? :wink:
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