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Setting up a database of problems with solutions

  1. Dec 7, 2009 #1
    I was looking for sites with a huge database of different physics and maths problems + solutions which I could use to practice but I couldn't find a site like this. It would be really easy to setup a database and make PHP scripts which would generate random variables for each problem so people could use this site to practice online. With the amount of people on this site it should be easy to find people to contribute and if theres about 50 of us working on it this database would grow huge in no time. I can do all the PHP + MySQL myself and I have a webserver to host it I'd just need a new domain name and need people to put in various formats of problems encountered in physics and maths courses.

    By format of problem I mean problems presented differently which often cause confusion. For example in linear motion you get problems involving cars driving down the road, cars braking, Stones being thrown upward etc. They're all solved using the same principles but when they're presented differently sometimes I get confused about how to approach the problem. With a huge database of different questions people could practice just about every possible kind of question they'll come across on a test.
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