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In computing, a database is an organized collection of data stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques.
The database management system (DBMS) is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze the data. The DBMS software additionally encompasses the core facilities provided to administer the database. The sum total of the database, the DBMS and the associated applications can be referred to as a "database system". Often the term "database" is also used to loosely refer to any of the DBMS, the database system or an application associated with the database.
Computer scientists may classify database-management systems according to the database models that they support. Relational databases became dominant in the 1980s. These model data as rows and columns in a series of tables, and the vast majority use SQL for writing and querying data. In the 2000s, non-relational databases became popular, referred to as NoSQL because they use different query languages.

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  1. jack action

    Can AI Decode This Simple Image? Exploring the Limits of Artificial Intelligence

    I found this image on social media today: This image is so simple, yet out of the ordinary. You really need to stop and think about what you are looking at. Some might not even ever get it. The question that quickly popped into my mind was: Can AI ever be able to explain what this image...
  2. angrymonks

    Building a physics formula database -- Help please

    I'm looking to compile a large online database of physics formulas*. I have yet to find any comprehensive "physics list" that isn't too domain specific or simply scalable. My attempt will be to build it here newtondb.com following and expanding on pldb.com. It will be built using a treebase...
  3. Sciencemaster

    I Database of binary star data info within 10 PC of Earth

    I'm looking for a database of binary stars within 10 PC of Earth, including information such as eccentricity of orbits, their distance from one another, etc. I'm hoping to find a list with this information, or just a collection of pages with this information. I've tried Simbad but I can't find...
  4. ergospherical

    What's the Best Database Technology for a Frequently Updated Online Shop?

    I'm making an online shop and want to retrieve the inventory from a database to display on the website. I've done some database work with php and phpmyadmin before, except the database was already set up when I took over that project - and I don't remember much/at all about the project...
  5. MevsEinstein

    B What function satisfies this table?

    I have a table of values (from my own analysis, not from a textbook) that represents a portion of a periodic function: x y 0 30 1 20 2 10 3 10 4 20 5 30 What function satisfies the table? What I know is that the function is periodic. I was thinking I could use cosine because its...
  6. S

    A Alpha Stopping Power Database for High Z Materials

    That's about it. I've been trying to do the calculation manually with Bethe-Bloche without corrections in the energy range I'm interested in (1-10 MeV) for the highest Z material with data available for validation (Uranium), but I can't get a result that agree well with the database, so I'm...
  7. elcaro

    Storing program source as relations in a database instead of text file

    Almost all (compiled or interpreted) programming langues store the program source in the form of a series of bytes (using an encoding like ASCII or UTF-8) into a text file, enforcing the grammer of the programming language using a parser (as part of the compilation process or interpretation of...
  8. shivajikobardan

    I need to make an application that uses database in python

    I need to make an application that uses database in python, what should I make? Firstly I need to tell about me. I know 0 about programming. I have learned basics of python only. What are the apps that use database that are upto my level of programming? I am planning to use django...
  9. R

    A Any electron/beta coincidence database?

    Hello All, I am aware of databases which list possible gamma-gamma coincidences for desired isotope. For example: here provides a table at the bottom with all possible gamma-gamma coincidence for Co-60. Question is, are there any similar databases/tables for electron coincidences with...
  10. M

    MHB SQL Expressions for RADL Database

    Hey! :giggle: Use the RADL database as a basis for formulating the following SQL commands. 1. Give an SQL expression that outputs all personnel information for the employee Ernst Pach. 2. Give an SQL expression that outputs all personnel information about the employees, who earn more than...
  11. rifal

    How do I fix the error connecting Snort and BASE databases?

    I installed snort and I want to connect the database with BASE but an error occurs, I don't know where I went wrong, everything is running smoothly but not with BASE connection with the database I suspect if I'm wrong when running the command: # sudo mysql_secure_installation what should i do...
  12. Q

    How to disable access to old data with newest version of software?

    Here are two examples: 1. Microsoft Excel. If you buy the newest version of Microsoft Office, it is able to open and read all files that were created with the older versions of Microsoft Office. Let's say that I have an older version of Microsoft Excel and I create some files with it. Later...
  13. FranzSC

    B NIST database and compressibility factor Z

    There's a huge volume of data on NIST database: https://webbook.nist.gov/cgi/fluid.cgi?T=293.15&PLow=10&PHigh=1000&PInc=10&Applet=on&Digits=5&ID=C7727379&Action=Load&Type=IsoTherm&TUnit=K&PUnit=bar&DUnit=mol%2Fl&HUnit=kJ%2Fmol&WUnit=m%2Fs&VisUnit=uPa*s&STUnit=N%2Fm&RefState=DEF I'm interested...
  14. ClimberT8

    Physicist and Data Scientist in Ed Tech

    How did you find PF?: Searching for "high school and college physics teachers discussion forums" I am a "kiddo" in Physics, like Dr. Jill Biden ;-) and following a highly anti-recommended circuitous path have ended up doing data seance. That should tell you everything you need to know about my...
  15. H

    Database Table Design for Canadian Electoral Data

    I have been asked by my team lead to create two tables for a database and to outline the rationale behind my table design choices.Table 1 should contain the following columns and be named vote_share: ● Riding Number ● Riding Name in English ● Riding Name in French ● Total votes ● Turnout (votes...
  16. sbrothy

    Literature Database: Find Sources for Soft Sciences

    I know about arxiv.org for natural science (is that the right term?) and pubmed for medical science. Is there a similar site for literature and the more softer "sciences"? :)
  17. Vividly

    Online database with peer reviewed journals

    Is there an online database (with free access) where you can look at peer reviewed articles and research? I want to start researching some ideas and I'm looking for a database where research has been published. In psychology there's a database called ebsco that let's you look at these articles...
  18. W

    Connecting Anaconda with Access Database using Pyodbc

    Hi All, My goal is to access an Access Database from within Anaconda Jupyter and , in Jupyter, use Pyodbc to conduct dynamic queries against my database and do some plotting of the data in Access. My code is below, together with the error message...
  19. SoulOfSword_

    How Do You Find Extragalactic Cepheid Variable Databases?

    Hi Guys! I've been working on my EE in IB Physics and I'm looking at how redshift of Cepheid Variables changes based on distance. I've been looking for astrophysics databases that include cepheid variables for a while now, but I can't find any. Is there any you guys can suggest or know of? Any...
  20. R

    Other Using Databases like Scopus to Find Trends in Physics

    Hello everyone. My question is how can I use databases like scopus to know which areas of physics are the "hot" today or which are still in development.
  21. Buzz Bloom

    B Galaxy Database with distances from Earth

    Summary: I am assuming that there is a database somewhere listing all of the galaxies which astronomers have found. If that is correct, my question is: What fraction of these galaxies in the database have a distance from Earth value associated with it, other than a distance based only on the...
  22. S

    Why can't there be a Database tool that has the best of everything?

    Having worked with both SQL Server and Cosmos DB (more the former), the following are the biggest pain points I've experienced with each. SQL Server: Complicated to make it work. There are 100+ different ways to authenticate, for example. All this complicated User-Role mapping, Managed...
  23. kolleamm

    A good chatbot database that can scale

    Lately I've been really interested in creating a chatbot that could learn and talk to users. The only problem though that's preventing me from starting is the time it may take for the program to find the data it needs in memory. Most chatbots simply find the closest match to your words and then...
  24. M

    Exporting a matrix to Microsoft Access: Error using database/

    Hello! Below is the code for the following task: matrix "Q" with a dimension of 3*2 was obtained using a matrix of cells "A"; then the matrix "Q" is exported to Microsoft Access with the same dimension (3 rows, 2 columns). (!) The difficulty is that only the first row of the matrix is written...
  25. DeathbyGreen

    I Database for magnetism and properties

    Hi, I'm trying to find a database in which I could enter a chemical formula and then locate a table of physical properties of that compound (or references). For example, whether the material exhibits magnetism, superconductivity, it's crystal structure, curie temperatures, conductivity, or...
  26. M

    When is ordering not optional in index creation?

    red marker part in my book is very confusing. It says you will not succeed to create index by that. Is it trying to say that if we have two tables and there is a FK relation in them , then I won't be able to create index in either table? Can you please help with an example exactly when I...
  27. E

    Database of physics powerpoint slides?

    Is there any website that has a database of physics (or other course) powerpoint slide sets? For example, I am teaching both an introductory physics class, and a separate calc-based physics class of what should be the same general material as the non-calc-based. For the former class I am using...
  28. maajdl

    I Any database of results for the Michelson-Morley Experiment

    Hello, I would be interested in a collection of experimental data for the Michelson-Morley Experiment . I would like to see if there would be many data available, and if a statistical analysis could be of some fun. Would you know some compilation of data? Thanks, Michel
  29. Guilherme Franco

    A Little help interpreting spectral data from an article

    I'm trying to find a good database of absorption or reflection spectra in visible light for pigments. I've found a wonderful database in this article: http://e-conservation.org/issue-2/36-FORS-spectral-database#CSV It's almost exactly what I needed Except I don't understand the data The...
  30. J

    What is the best physics database?

    Is there a place I can go to look up physics research papers using keywords? Say you are a student working on a thesis how do you know a person in India has not worked on the same subject and written the same thing?
  31. jim mcnamara

    Dietary supplements database from NIH

    Here is nice data set and analysis - example analysis: https://dietarysupplementdatabase.usda.nih.gov/ingredient_calculator/calc_omega3.php In the US there is little regulation of the contents of dietary supplements. As a result NIH created a supplements database which has analysis results...
  32. Raazi

    Medical Content based medical image retrieval using barcodes

    Hi, I am doing research in content based image medical image retrieval using radon barcodes. I have replicated an approach found in this paper 277011226_Barcode_Annotations_for_Medical_Image_Retrieval_A_Preliminary_Investigation. I have tried to make some improvements to this process regarding...
  33. dRic2

    Database for chemical and physical properties

    Do you know any website where I can find chemical and physical properties of common substance (heat capacity, enthalpy of formation, boiling point ecc...)? Thanks Ric
  34. W

    Legacy Database Reverse Engineering and Methodology

    Hi All, Say we have a legacy database that is not well-documented and we want to reverse-engineer it. I am looking for an effective way of doing it. Only way I can think is using something like ERwin to produce a Conceptual, Logical model for the database from which we can reconstruct the...
  35. F

    Poll: Database Mini Project of an Ancient Civilization -- Which One to Choose?

    Hello everyone! So, this is my varsity project to create a mini database. Since I love history and geography, I've thought to come up with that. So, I thought to do a project on an ancient civilization or similar.. I googles and found out top 10 civilizations: 10. The Incas Civilization 9...
  36. W

    Can't find my Localhost Database Engine for SQL Server

    Hi All, I had to reinstall my SQL Server and I a having trouble finding the database engine which is the local host. Please see screenshots. Any ideas? Thanks.
  37. W

    Can Blockchain Be Queried as a Database?

    Hi All, Just curious: If blockchain is a database. Can it be queried? I don't know how key-value systems are queried. How are blocks added? I guess if it is a DB, it is not modifiable
  38. R

    Where Can I Find a Reliable Dihedral Angle Database for Computational Chemistry?

    I am working on a computational project and I need to make a series of coordinate system transforms. To do this I will need the dihedral angles for methyl formate, but I cannot find this information anywhere. I've tried the CRC handbook, NIST chemical database, and other data bases, but I can't...
  39. J

    Good Online Database for EE Research information

    Hello All, To better qualify my question, I'm interested in finding a good online database, similar to SciFinder (which is a great resource for Chemistry researchers and engineers), but specifically aimed at EEs. With SciFinder, you can search for various topics in chemistry and it will scour...
  40. W

    Uploading a Database to another Machine

    Hi All, I want to work with my friend using a database I have in my machine but he does not have in his. Only method I can think of to send it to him is scripting it, sending him the script and having him run it in his machine ( we both have SQL Server Dev ). Is there some other way? Just...
  41. C

    Simple Python Database Tutorial & Example

    Can anyone refer me to a tutorial or example Python database progam? I'm trying to understand how one might create and manipulate a simple/small database such as a file containing names, addresses, and phone numbers. I've spent an hour or two searching and keep finding references to SQL and or...
  42. C

    Comp Sci Book Database Implementation C++

    I began by creating 2 classes. A book class and a course class that contains any necessary info about the book and course respectively class bookClass{ private: string theISBN; string thebookName; string thebookAuthor; double thebookCost; int...
  43. B

    Can I Create and Link to an MDF Database in a Specific Folder for ColdFusion?

    So I created a MS SQL db , but now I cannot link to it. I WOULD like to create a database in my C:/Cfusion/wwroot folder and not in ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder. Is that possible? How? I cannot create a new database in anywhere but ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder. Now I have an mdf in...
  44. W

    Front End Connected to Database Back End -- Requirements?

    Hi All, Say I have a SQL Server ( or more general, if possible) back end, i.e., stored at the server level. Now, I want to create a front-end, say Access fron- end ( again, if possible, more general ). I know one thing I need : to create a physical connection between the two, most likely...
  45. M

    Who Would Benefit from a Comprehensive Database of Cumulative Fission Yields?

    I couldn’t find a table of cumulative fission yields on the web, so I made one in a database simulation. Who might be interested? The full table covers the evolution of 1322 isotopes over 34 years. The results are in the form of 31 “snapshots” of the isotopic composition as the reactor ages...
  46. qnach

    I Crystal Structure Database (Pb0.5Sn0.5)Te

    I would like to find the crystal structure of (Pb0.5Sn0.5)Te I was told it is similar to NaCl basically an XY crystal I think it is called Space Group: 225 I would like to know the first, second, third ...layer of atoms closest to a X atom...and perhaps their distance... I found...
  47. E

    Learning Database Concepts & Applications

    Hello, I would like to learn the concepts of databases and practice them. I found it hard to find a good tutorial that teaches you how to start. All seem to be advanced to me! Is there a book (or a good tutorial) that teaches you both; the concepts and the applicationsof databases at the same...
  48. A

    JavaScript Unable to retrieve blob from SQL database in IE11

    Hi, I am storing a blob in my database running wamp64/MySQL and I am using AJAX to retrieve it. The code works with Chrome, Edge, and FireFox but I obtain the error message "Invalid State Error" in the debugger for the line "xmlhttp.responseType='arraybuffer'" when I run it under IE11. I...
  49. J

    Standard Database Model for Academic Management

    I am the database administrator of my university, so I have to build up the database from scratch. I am just wondering if there exists already some predefined database model for academic management which focuses on entities such as students, grades, courses, teachers and faculty buildings.
  50. V

    I Database of Galaxies and their parameters

    HI, I am looking to find a table of galaxies, their masses, types, black hole mass and dark matter content. Does anyone know if such a place exists anywhere on the internet? I'm trained in physics but is not a physicist - more a hobbyist. Any suggestion that you might have will be greatly...