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Setup Design to rotate the work piece in DIE sinking EDM process?

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    I need to design a basic setup to rotate the workpiece in Die Sinking EDM Process. I made some design but they were complicated and were not easy to fabricate so I need someone who can help me.
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    Firstly, welcome to PF.
    Now the questions.
    1. How big is the workpiece? What does it weigh?
    2. Will it rotate about the vertical axis?
    3. What rotation rate is needed?
    4. How will the rotation be powered?
    5. What electrolyte is being used?
    6. Is the rotation a controlled reciprocating motion or continuous?
    7. What maximum EDM current will be used?
    8. How will the EDM current return without damaging the rotation support bearings?
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    Thanks for the reply.
    1. Size of workpiece is about 3-4cm in diameter and thickness is about 1 cm (mild steel) and weight will be in between 160-200gm.
    2. Rotation should be about vertical axis.
    3. Rotation rate range is 100rpm to 150 rpm
    4. Rotation should be powered bu DC Motor.
    5. Servo EDM oil will be used as electrolyte.
    6. Rotation will be continuous.
    7. Max EDM current will be 30A
    8. This Part I don't know.
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    Carbon brushes could carry the EDM current past the bearings.

    The rotary table will need accurate bearings. Preferably two spaced on a shaft or one of a large diameter.

    Is there access from below for a shaft to support and rotate the work piece? It would need a lip seal against the electrolyte. If there is a fixed base in the electrolyte tank, what distance is it from base to electrode.

    What is the make and model of the machine?

    What design did you come up with for the rotator?
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