1. M

    Torque required to tilt 1200 kg mass?

    Object to be tilted = 1200mm diameter cylinder Cylinder height = 2.5 meter weight of tilting assembly = 1200 kg Cylinder is on platform which is "L" shaped and tilting point is on that corner of "L" as in attached image. Shaft diameter on which it is tilted id 63mm Angular acceleration = 0.05236...
  2. S

    Pendulum on the end of a rotating disk

    1. Homework Statement There's a pendulum with mass m and longitude L strapped to a disk with radius R that rotates with an angular velocity ω. Calculate the angle that the pendulum is shifted (Φ) depending on ω. You are given m, L, R, ω, g. Calculate Φ depending on ω. Little drawing (with my...
  3. A

    What composition of steel pipe should I use

    Hello, I work in a apparel manufacturing warehouse and i'm planning to upgrade the Jacket Hanger Racks to a rotatable conveyor. So I want to insert new Steel Pipes for hanging the Jackets which will rotate. So, the length of the pipe is 370 cms / 12' 2", and the weight it will be holding is...
  4. hansyhop

    Motorized rotating platform (180 degrees, periodically)

    Hi, I'm trying to build a motorized rotating platform, and was wondering what drive system to choose. The platform is 1.2 meters in diameter with two cylindrical objects (max 25 kg each) attached on top - total weight to rotate approx 80 kg. I want the platform to be programmed to...
  5. T

    I Gyroscopic precession

    I was watching this and I get it that when you rotate the wheel, the torque due to its weight will cause it to revolve parallel to the ground instead of perpendicular to the ground. I know that the faster you spin the wheel, the less likely the lever from the wheel to the pivot will be slanted...
  6. S

    Fluid in rotating tube with different initial levels

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations Fluid in rotation 3. The Attempt at a Solution This exercise is quite different from the classic one of fluidi in rotation. Before rotation starts the height in one branch is bigger than in the other, so I do not really know how to approach the...
  7. P

    Magnetic Rotation

    If I have a magnetic setup in frictionless, etc. area as follows: N / / / ---------------------S Will the "south" pole rotate up to the "north" pole, causing the system as a whole to rotate?
  8. Y

    Magnet/Electricity to rotate object 90 degrees?

    Hello, I want to create a motion using electricity, using the cheapest means possible (DIY). Basically I'm trying to rotate an object 90degrees when the current is on, and back to its original position when the current is off. The questions are: 1) Is this possible? 2) Can this be done using...