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Physics Should I Be Enjoying My Physics Internship?

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    This summer I've been working in an experimental cosmology lab, and its really not inspiring me to go into the field of experimental cosmology at all. At first I was pretty gung-ho about everything, but the work never really got interesting. I spend half my week looking up information about trivial things on the internet, about an hour actually thinking about a problem, and then the rest of the week writing a report about the tiny problem that I solved.

    I'm glad that I've learned how to use a bunch of different software sweets, but, honestly, I had more fun (and got paid more for) killing bugs last summer than I'm having in this internship.

    Did you guys enjoy your internships? Is this a bad sign for me if I had been thinking of a Physics PhD?
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    I don't think it's wise to compare the work of an internship with that of a Ph.D. holder. :wink:

    My advice is to give it some time. There's nothing wrong with finding out what you don't like about a subject.
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    All jobs, especially internships, suck until you prove yourself by competently executing menial tasks. Once you master coffee 101 [or lunch boy], your stock will rise. Einstein got his start as a patent clerk - you think he didn't lick any boots?
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    Apart from occassionally substituting "grant proposal" for report, that's not too different from a week of mine.
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    Except that in this case, it's pretty close to what a typical graduate student/post-doc/professor does.
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    Good to know!
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