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What companies hire freshman for summer internships?

  1. Feb 15, 2016 #1
    I'm looking to get an internship over the summer, and I know that most companies don't consider freshman but I was wondering which ones were known to.

    I'm a declared nuclear engineering & physics double major but I'm open to almost any field, as I'd be open to changing majors if I enjoyed the work I did in the summer. My school's spring career fair is tomorrow and I'd really appreciate some advice as to which employers to approach.

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    This is the kind of question that is impossible to answer without knowing more about your specific education/qualifications, and without knowing about what your current coursework has been. Have you done much programming (either through coursework, or by playing with/studying programming on your own)?

    My suggestion would be to just proceed to attend the career fair and talk to/network with as many employers as possible to learn more about different internship opportunities. Even if you don't land an internship for this summer, knowing which employers are out there can be helpful for you in future years, as well as give you more ideas on honing in on what area to study in.
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    That's fair. By the end of this semester I'll have covered math through Calc III, Physics I & II, Mechanical Engineering Design, Chemistry, Economics, and various required humanities. Very little background in python, and some web design but not enough to put on my resume.

    And I intend to do so, I'd just really like to shoot for an internship this summer, if not for the experience, at least for the money. I'm having a little trouble paying for school and a paid internship would help a ton. Thanks for your answer StatGuy!
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