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Courses Should I bother retaking freshman courses to improve GPA?

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    During my first 3 semesters or so I got some Cs which kinda hurt my GPA. My GPA is now a 3.43 and it will probably be around a 3.5 when I graduate. I am considering retaking some of the classes I got low grades in to improve my GPA (like a couple humanities courses, intro to C, and economics). Should I even bother? Is a 3.5 looked down upon by grad schools that much where it is worth it to retake this stuff or should I just take more engineering and physics courses?
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    I have never actually asked this particular question before.
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    Here, jesus man.....Call the grad school you are applying to and ask them what they think about your grades. Are you THAT worried you wont get into MIT with your 3.5...:rolleyes: life is over now, jump off a bridge....weeee.

    How about you study things that will actually help you in grad school, rather than take freshman intro courses to fluff your GPA. It seems like a no brainer....
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    I do have a tendency to worry a lot.

    I'd be happy to get into UM ann arbor. I don't really expect to get into MIT.
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    What are you complaining about. UM ann arbor for EE is very good....:rolleyes:

    From their website:


    If you already go there, acceptance should be easier.
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    I am aware UM is very good....I never said or implied that I believed otherwise....it's just obviously not as good as MIT.

    And I do not already go there....I am a Michigan resident though.
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    and guess what, MIT is not as good as other places around the world...big deal.

    I am willing to bet there are schools in Japan in Robotics that would give MIT a run for its money. I guess the people at MIT are going to jump off a bridge now too...

    You seem to think that if you dont get into MIT your going to be beneath them.
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    Uh, I never mentioned anything about MIT....you were the one that brought up MIT....but there's no doubt MIT is better than UM for engineering and physics in most respects, but not by much, and UM surpasses MIT is certain respects.

    My concern, is mainly that I get into a school (which is still very good) like UM. I couldn't care less about MIT. I'd be nice to get admitted, but I don't think it will be the end of the world if I don't....you may have me confused for someone else. :confused: I've never been really obsessed about MIT.
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    Does your school even let you retake courses to increase your GPA? Here, you have to have an F in a course to retake it for GPA, and both grades are still computed in the GPA (except for freshman, who can repeat with a D or F, and can have only the new grade computed)
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    I'm pretty sure you can retake courses to improve your GPA and they only take into account the better score...I could be wrong though.
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    Actually, I looked up the rules for my school and I was a bit wrong. The rule is that a student can repeat any course with D+ or below and both grades are factored into the GPA, and with a C-, C, or C+ a special petition can be filed to request repeating (with both grades counting) under very special circumstances. Exception: for freshman only, the old grade is not counted in the GPA, only the new one.

    Now, naturally, rules are going to vary significantly between schools. So you should really talk to an academic advisor at your school and figure out exactly what is allowed and what is not, in terms of repeating courses for GPA credit.
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    I wouldn't bother, especially considering the types of courses you're thinking of retaking. They don't really have any bearing on a graduate science or engineering curriculum. Many places will look at your last 2 or 3 semesters anyway to get an idea if you can handle upper level work. This is where you should concentrate your efforts, not previous semesters.

    Good luck
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    there were a couple of somewhat upper level engineering courses I got C+s it...microprocessors and advanced digital electronics.

    However, despite the C+ I got in adv digital, I am still able to help people that are currently in the course wih the homework and whatnot. I think I learned more than my grade implies.

    Now, micro on the other hand....I currently know nothing about.
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    he asked a yes or no question for petes sake.
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