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Should i delay my graduation to study more?

  1. Apr 26, 2015 #1
    First of all, sorry for any problem with my english, it's not my native language and i'm still learning. I hope to not make too many mistakes. I'm Brazillian, by the way.

    Here in my country, public universities are free. I live with my family and my home is close to the university. I don't spend that much money, i don't buy stuff or go to parties (i don't like it) or whatever; i can live with little, so i'm not in a rush to get money.

    In my university we have some freedom to choose classes. It's not exactly the major/minor system, but it's something like that. For example, one can graduate in Engineering and take some extra classes in Philosophy for fun, or take 3 or 2 (or 8) classes per semester instead of 5 or 6.
    I'm studying engineering and we usually take 5 years to graduate. I want to delay my graduation by a year to take more math, physics (mainly eletromagnetism and quantum physics) and do some projects by myself or work half time in a lab (here we have a schorlaship called Scientific Initiation, it's like a summer job but during the semester; we help the professors in their research), part because i want to have this knowledge, part because i think it will be useful, seen i want to work developing new technologies (so i probably need to get a PhD).

    The problem is: i don't know if this is a good idea. Should i just focus on the engineering classes, and use this time to get a PhD (actually, here we do need to do a MSc before PhD)?
    I, personally, don't see a big problem in delaying my graduation to study a little more, but i don't know if employers care about this or something like that...

    Maybe someone will ask "why don't do physics?". I want the "know how" of the engineers.

    Thanks, and again, sorry for anything.


    I'm thinking i posted in the wrong place...
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    Yes, stay a little longer and learn MORE. Make good choices to learn things which either you would enjoy, or which make you more marketable (for finding employment).
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