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Courses Should I drop this course and take it next year?

  1. Sep 10, 2011 #1
    PLease ask me questions if I am unclear.

    So here goes. It was a few months ago I asked this, I am taking an analysis course that basically is killing me.

    Months and months ago, just before the spring term ended (near the end of April), I asked the professor who was teaching the course (analysis course) and the prerequisite (a proof course) if it was alright to take them together (the same person). He gave me a laconic response, "yes".

    To be more concise, here is what the analysis course is. It's entitled "real analysis" and we use this book (the file was too big, I couldn't attach it).

    The syllabus says we will do parts of ch2, ch4, ch5, ch7, and ch8.

    Now I will talk about the proof course which was a prerequiste. We use http://www.amazon.ca/Mathematical-Proofs-Transition-Advanced-Mathematics/dp/0321390539.

    We do ch1 - ch12 (excluding ch7 and ch11)

    We had our first class yesterday (both proof and analysis) and my head already exploded. I spent last night drilling the proof course like reading the entire chapter (which is really big) and I still have trouble keeping up with the one page note my professor wrote in the analysis course. In other words, the proof course is not keeping up with the analysis course.

    I have not talked with the professor yet because I had to catch the bus last night and it's Saturday which means I can't talk with him in person until Monday which he does not have office hours yet I still plan to see him.

    Now here is the problem

    I don't know how it's going to turn out after we talk.

    1. If he convinces me to stay, it's going to be hell for me because the analysis course is going at a fast pace and all (and I mean ALL except me) my classmates nod when he writes something convoluted (to me at least) and I sit there wondering what heck is he on about.

    2. If he somehow says "he made a mistake" and I should drop out (I won't get a W I believe), would it still be bad because I would still be in his proof course?


    If anyone is wondering, I am going to replace that course with something I HAVE PREREQUSITE for.
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  3. Sep 10, 2011 #2
    Actually is it even a good idea to see him in person...? Like he could just say "drop the course" and I leave his room awkwardly.
  4. Sep 10, 2011 #3
    Talk to him in person and see what he advises you. You're hitting a wall now... hard. But this is normal. Dropping out is one option. Studying your proofs hard is another option. Talk to him to see which is better.

    My advice: judging from the threads you make in the homework section, you are not ready for real analysis. So I would drop the course. This is just my impression though.
  5. Sep 10, 2011 #4
    Remember four months ago (or was it five?) that I talked with you and sent you the book? DId i? I could send it to you...

    This is what happened...
  6. Sep 10, 2011 #5
    I am asking for b) mostly and if my decision is right. It's a little painful for me though...I actually went ahead and bought the book and I have to make the decision quickly before the refund period ends (including late course fees etc...)
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  7. Sep 10, 2011 #6
    You never sent me a book...
  8. Sep 10, 2011 #7
    May I send one to you now? PMing allows larger uploads right...?
  9. Sep 10, 2011 #8
    Uuh, I'm not sure if the mentors are ok with that... What's the name of the book maybe I have it somewhere?
  10. Sep 10, 2011 #9
  11. Sep 10, 2011 #10
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  12. Sep 10, 2011 #11
    Hmmm, I don't seem to have these books :frown:
  13. Sep 10, 2011 #12
    Okay I managed to break my book into sections.

    I hope it shows.

    It's basically the first chapter we did.

    Do you want me to write out the notes he wrote?

    I couldn't get the proof book, sorry

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  14. Sep 10, 2011 #13
    OK good. But what do you want us to do with it??
  15. Sep 10, 2011 #14
    Basically we just started 2.1 and as I looked at the sections following, I do not have a clue of what it is.

    The proof in https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=528879 I had here was part of his notes and I had to ask you about it lol

    I should also mention that while I could wait out and see (and hope) that the pace between the proof and analysis course balance out, it would also cut off any hopes of getting into any other course once the deadline passes.
  16. Sep 10, 2011 #15
    The thing is, if you don't understand that proof, then you're not read for real analysis. Why?? Because you will meet proofs in there which are 1000x harder.

    If you would ask me, then I'd say to drop the course and take another one. You'll find the course more easy once you've had a basic proof course.

    But do talk to your professor first and see what he says.
  17. Sep 10, 2011 #16
    Was my question (in that thread) about n_1 or n_2 not being 0 way too trivial because I didn't understand the def of Q?

    In any case, I will have to talk to him...
  18. Sep 10, 2011 #17
    I'm not saying that it was trivial. It's ok not to understand the definition. But once you start real analysis, then you should understand things like the definition of Q and things like [itex]\{a,b\}\in \mathcal{P}(\{a,b\})[/itex].

    Everybody struggles with those things. But you should struggle with those things in a proof class. Not in a real analysis class. All these concepts should be clear by the time that you start a real analysis class.

    Right now, you indicate that those elementary concepts are not clear to you. This indicates that you're not yet ready for real analysis. The proof course will help, though...
  19. Sep 10, 2011 #18
    I don't think it is the real real analysis class. We talked bout it a few months ago. Here is the name of topics we are going to do


    The set N of natural numbers, the set Q of rational numbers
    The set R of real numbers
    The completeness axiom
    Limits theorems of sequences
    Monotone sequences
    Subsequences (the Bolzano-Weierstrass theorem)
    Cauchy sequences
    Limsup and liminf of a sequence


    n-dim space
    Convergences and completeness
    Closed sets and open sets
    Compactness sets and the Heine-Borel theorem

    There are more, but a bit lazy to type them all out
  20. Sep 10, 2011 #19
    What do you want to hear from me?? That you'll do good in the class? I've already told you my opinion.
  21. Sep 10, 2011 #20
    If you do continue the course, be sure to buy "Understanding analysis" by Abbott. You'll find that book a huge help!
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