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Should I participate in science fairs?

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    I'm currently a high school junior taking a variety of AP courses. I'm getting A's with the exception of a few B's. I really want to conduct a science fair project, however, and I don't want to rush it (as long as I can finish before senior year).

    Should I focus on maintaining good grades and on obtaining good test scores or should I go ahead and do research?

    I'm planning to major in something related to math and the sciences. Right now, I'm most fascinated with Physics, and the applications of math, especially calculus, to solving Physics problems.

    I'm really not sure where to start and how to come up with a topic that interests me. It seems hard to find something that is genuine yet is something that I'm passionate about and can actually do a project on. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Thanks.
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    first of all, congrats for maintaining a good academic record. i feel you can do ur research but not at the cost of your grades. what you can do is, trying to choose some topic or area for the project that is very parallel to your coursework. in this way, you wouldnt have to spend too much time away from your regular subjects and at the same time, could do something substantial.
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    I would highly encourage you to do independent research. You learn much more by doing your own experiments than what can through a text book. Even if your experiment fails you still learn from it. Some of the science that you learn in text books are not practical or rarely ever works in the real world (I know from first hand experiences).

    I feel like you shouldn't overthink a topic for your project. I have been a regional science fair judge for the past 2 years and some of the best projects are on the simplest topics.
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    Can you derive a simple science fair projects from high school physics, calculus, and the other sciences? Should I think up something original or what? I've been thinking forver and I can't seem to come up with a good topic that fits my interests (and is within my ability scope).
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    Teaming up with a mentor is a good approach. That could be a physics teacher at your school. Many school districts also have mentor programs where they can team you with a professor at a local college or a volunteer from industry. Call your district office to find out.
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