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Should I pursue this skill? (becoming a mechanical engineer)

  1. Jul 23, 2017 #1
    By my question I mean is this something that I should realistically consider a goal? A little about me, I'm currently a Senior in high school, well, at least I'm about to be because the school year hasn't begun yet. I'm really considering becoming a mechanical engineer because I love math and science and love building things. Right now I'm working as a mechanic, in hopes that I'll get somewhat used to the environment of learning how mechanical things work. Hopefully that makes sense... I want to someday hopefully find a job working as in engineer in somewhere like NASA, Lockheed Martin, Space X, etc, or some car manufacturers. I know it doesn't sound very realistic but at least I have some sort of goal to look forward to. Is this something I can realistically look forward to or should I pursue something different? I want to know the opinion of someone on this forum rather than the opinion of unsupportive parents you know. Thanks.
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    What's the problem? Are your grades OK? Why do you feel that your plan is unrealistic?
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    My grades in Junior year weren't too great, although my math and science ones were. I'm going to be trying my hardest in this upcoming senior year, but the reason it seems unrealistic is the goal of being able to work at a space company, that's more of a goal than working with a car manufacturer. Although, when I consult it with people they claim I should go to college for something I can get a job sooner with, if I try to go for that goal clearly I will have to devote lots of time and practice before even applying and won't get anything good in the meantime, so I want to know any opinions on these forums.
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    There are many areas of work that you are likely to find interesting and rewarding as a mechanical engineer besides aerospace. My advice is to just become a mechanical engineer and see where it takes you.
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    There is nothing wrong with these aspirations. Based on where you are now, they are completely achievable.
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