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Should i rethink engineering or repeat classes

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    Should I rethink engineering if I am pulling a B in calculus? and My CGPA will be 2.73 at the end of this term.


    Should I repeat some of the classes that I did not do well in?
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    What type of engineer do you want to be and what concentration within it? What exactly do you want to do for your job within that concentration? Why is a B in calculus possibly bad in your mind? What are the other classes you are considering retaking? What was the cause of the lower than wanted grade?

    These are important questions, because not all tasks associated with engineering demand the same levels from certain skill sets, which includes calculus. I know people who struggled their entire way through engineering, finishing with a 3.0ish GPA. They're hired now and get paid. So basically a B is fine and your GPA is probably fine. You just need to start working harder to bump it up above a 3.0 (out of 4.0). If you have the right answers to all these questions, I don't see why you should reconsider engineering.
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