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Should I stay in engineering or get a math degree?

  1. Feb 7, 2016 #1
    Right now im a student in first year engineering. The main reason i joined engineering is because I like physics and I love math. Right now I'm starting to question if I even want to be an engineer or not. It's not the work or difficulty, I do really well for myself. I'm just unsure if I want to pursue engineering or if I want to pursue my dream and go get a degree in mathematics. Honestly if i got one I would want to get my phD and work in academia or become a mathmetician.

    Just looking for some guidance, in all honesty I don't care thay much about my money, I just want to make a decent salary to feed a family and be happy. It's just discouraging because my family tell me not to and my brother called me an idiot for even bringing it up. Any insight or advice wouls ne appreciated thanks.
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    Just go for what you like best, I don't see why not. Studying mathematics will not lead you to poverty. Postpone more detailed choices (applied math, pure math, which subfield, etc.) until a later year. There is even engineering mathematics, should you like to keep in touch with engineering applications in particular.
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    Awesome thank you, I'll keep that in mind. Also ive never heard of engineering mathematics I'll definitely look into it thanks.
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