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Should I switch my undergraduate major?

  1. Mar 24, 2013 #1
    Hi, new to the forums. Sophomore in college, Nuclear Engineer in training.

    Nuclear Engineering seemed tempting for a few reasons: Engineering = $$ and Nuclear, well I love nuclear physics and chemistry so why not! Now what I found out:

    What nuclear engineering is NOT: Quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, applied quantum physics, etc etc etc.

    What nuclear engineering IS: reactor mechanics, reactor physics, mechanical engineering, radioactive materials interaction with matter, applied fission to reactors, etc, etc.

    bottom line: Nuclear engineering is applying current concepts to current engineering feats.
    What I wanted: Learning current concepts in order to theorize and experiment on brand new concepts.

    So I think I should switch to physics where within the track, there are classes on applied quantum mechanics, nuclear physics. I think I was mislead about Nuke E and honestly, it has almost nothing to do with physics besides physics being a back drop for it (like it is for all engineering). My only struggle is relinquishing an ABET accredited engineering degree opportunity. Should I switch? I know it's early on-- so does it get better? I want to switch because I know I'm interested in physics and not nuke, but I don't know if I'm just being hopeful again. I already have a job (Army) so that's not really an issue til another 10 years down the road, depending.
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  3. Mar 26, 2013 #2
    Are you interested in fusion research?
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