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Should I take calc 3 and differential equations or EE 254 and EGR 265

  1. Jul 15, 2014 #1
    I hope I am putting this in the right thread. It seemed to be the most appropriate one!

    So, I have two choices. I can take both MA 227(Calculus III) and MA 252 (differential equations) or take both EGR 254 and EGR 254. Which do you think would be the easiest option? I am an electrical engineering major.

    EE 254. Applied Numerical Methods. 3 Hours.

    Selected mathematical and computational topics appropriate to the numerical solution of engineering problems.

    EGR 265. Math Tools for Engineering Problem Solving. 4 Hours.

    Designed to allow engineering majors to utilize the terminology and problem-solving approaches inherent to engineering, while completing their mathematical preparation. This course is equivalent to MA 227 and MA 252.

    Thank you for the input!
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    In my opinion, you shouldn't go with the "easiest" of the two, but instead take the one that will be the most useful. Therefore, I guess taking EGR 265 and EE 254 would be great, if you're sure that it covers the same subject, but in a more practical way. But if you like some more "theoretical" approach you could try taking Calc III and Differential Equations.
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