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Should we replace traditional grading methods with lie detector tests?

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    <sarcasm>Since lie detector tests are very very accurate (like 99%), we should use them as an alternative for human grading. So what do you think? I believe it would obviously work due to the use of the lie detector test in law enforcement. It can save the teacher a lot of time because since the lie detector test knows what is a lie and what is a truth, rather than what is a matter of opinion, feeling, or subjective subconscious inference, it can be used to assess the correctness or wrongness of essays, mutiple choice answers etc. All we have to do is to connect the student to a lie detector while they are giving responses to questions!</sarcasm>
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    Did one of your teachers suggest this or something?
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    I think I could beat the test.
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    They aren't 99% accurate.

    They probably usually range between 88% and 92% accurate.

    Note: I searched for some reference, but couldn't find a good one. My searches get flooded with anti-polygraph sites and other non-sense.

    Should we use for educational purposes? If your goal is to reduce your freedoms, then yeah, but for me, hell no.
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    Of course. But I am 100% sure that the those percentage of accuracy cannot be replicated for all individuals. I am 100% sure that it has some level bias particulary against those with physiological problems or differences. Otherwise we could use them for education gdamit. So why don't we? We could save billions in education (if it actually does what it claims!)

    Just divide by .88 or .92 to get the real grade!
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    Even if it's accuracy were 99%, a lie detector would only show whether the amount of confidence the person had in his answer, not whether the answer were actually correct.
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    <sarcasm>No. I believe that a lie detector test can detect lies. It can determine which philosophies are invalid.</sarcasm>
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