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Side Stream Filters - preferential flow through side stream without using a pump

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    I am trying to understand side stream filtration.

    Iv been finding it really hard to find out anything on preferential flow (multiphase) through a side stream using a valve to create a pressure drop (general info for my understanding)

    Im trying to do this without the need for a pump as there is a high gas fraction.

    What im trying to establish is whether or not I can install a side stream filter off a 6" pipeline using say a 1" OR 2" side stream (flexible hose) using an actuated valve to create a pressure drop to obtain some flow through the filter on the side stream.

    Will the pressure drop across the filter affect the pressure drop required for flow through the side stream to the filter?

    General pressure drop info would be appreciated

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    It's like anything else, your liquid will follow the path of least resistance. Obviously a 6 inch pipe impedes the flow of your fluid less than a 2 inch line would. So you put a valve and partially close it so that there is a greater pressure drop and the fluid wants to go through the 2" just as much as it would like to go through the 6" valve.
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