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A stream is a body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. The flow of a stream is controlled by three inputs – surface water, subsurface water and groundwater. The surface and subsurface water are highly variable between periods of rainfall. Groundwater, on the other hand, has a relatively constant input and is controlled more by long-term patterns of precipitation. The stream encompasses surface, subsurface and groundwater fluxes that respond to geological, geomorphological, hydrological and biotic controls.Depending on its location or certain characteristics, a stream may be referred to by a variety of local or regional names. Long large streams are usually called rivers.
Streams are important as conduits in the water cycle, instruments in groundwater recharge, and corridors for fish and wildlife migration. The biological habitat in the immediate vicinity of a stream is called a riparian zone. Given the status of the ongoing Holocene extinction, streams play an important corridor role in connecting fragmented habitats and thus in conserving biodiversity. The study of streams and waterways in general is known as surface hydrology and is a core element of environmental geography.

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  1. F

    Flooding and Stream area and speed

    Hello, I am thinking about a real-life problem: the flooding of a stream in may area of town. A stream discharge, ##Q=A v##, represents the volume of water passing through the cross-sectional area ##A## in one second as the water moves with speed ##v##. Let's assume that the stream has 2...
  2. Y

    Do I have choice what resolution to stream using boxes like Roku?

    Hi Sorry about the stupid question. I am completely green on tv streaming. I have a limitation of 25MBPS internet connection. I know 4K video needs 25MBPS speed. That is I can ONLY run one tv. I really don't care about the clarity and resolution. I have modern smart tv, but I am still feeding...
  3. shivangi thakur

    Physics I am confused (which stream to choose for research?)

    Hello, I've bin the mid of my Msc in physics preparing for gate/ net exam 2023. I don't know which stream to choose for research. I am highly highly interested in solar energy, green energy and mechanical engineering as well but I don't know what to do as I am not an engeenering student. I...
  4. J

    Why do windward tell tales stream up in the sail? Spanwise airflow at the sails....

    This question is about sail aerodynamics, more precisely what cause spanwise airflow at the sails? When sailing close hauled,at the jib windward middle and top tell tales stream up or at 45 degress up, all others leeward and bottom windwards tell tales stream horizontaly. 1. What cause airflow...
  5. DaveC426913

    How do streaming services stream? (troubleshooting)

    It's clear my theory about how streaming services stream is flawed. Let me 'splain: We watch a lot of BritBox (like, a lot). Britbox is a streaming service, like Netflix and Disney+ and Prime Video (all of which we also have) on our Smart TV. We are trying to watch a specific (new) show ("Why...
  6. chriswong

    Why Does Stoke's Stream Function Represent Fluid Flow?

    Summary:: Stoke stream function [Mentor Note -- Thread moved from the technical forums, so no Homework Template is shown] Why the quantity of fluid that crosses the surface of revolution formed by the vector OP is ?
  7. PainterGuy

    MATLAB Stereo vision and live stream

    I'm trying to perform depth estimation on stereo vision using live feed. I'm using two webcams. The code below doesn't give any error but I only get a block box without any sign of live video! Could you please give it a look? leftCam = imaq.VideoDevice('winvideo', 1, 'MJPG_320x240')...
  8. M

    Discover the Surprising Power of Water: Tap vs. Fire Hose vs. Pressure Washer

    Okay, so I don ' t have any real specs but i just want to know how big is the difference between water from tap versus the one from fire hose versus the pressure washer?
  9. dudu

    Kinematics Question: A motorboat and a log in a stream

    I found vlog=1.9/t and vb-v=1.15/t and vb+v=d+1.15/60.8 don't know what to do now
  10. Roger Dodger

    B Choosing the number of trials when the data stream is unlimited

    I am collecting data from a Geiger-Muller radiation detector, which generates clicks that correspond to particles entering the detector. These clicks come in purely at random, so the number of clicks in a given time interval are governed by the Poisson distribution. My job is to find the average...
  11. BillTre

    Art Artemis Fowl film about to stream

    Artemis Fowl may not be familiar to many, but I like because I read these with my kids when they were young. Artemis Fowl is a kid genius in a criminal family, becomes aware of the well hidden work of faeries and leprechauns and wants to take it over for criminal purposes. It has similarities to...
  12. F

    MHB Introduction to Set Theory Stream

    Hello everyone. =) In honor of Pi Day I'm going to be explaining the very beginning of set theory (which I consider the beginning of university math) live on Twitch in about two hours (1 PM GMT). For those who do not know Twitch, it's a completely free streaming platform - you can come in and...
  13. sabenabe

    Water stream projection distance calculation for different nozzle shapes

    Hello, I have built a device and i want to test different types of nozzles. Problem is; the size of the nozzles i need are hard to find in company stock. So i need to make sure before i make any order. I have no background or degree any related area so it is hard to understand the equations...
  14. Frigus

    Stream distillation-purification of organic compounds

    when we transfer water vapours from steam generator isn't it like that the pressure of atmosphere around the organic mixture will increase so we have to boil the organic mixture more so as to make equal the pressure of atmosphere which is water vapour pressure + pressure of atmosphere is equal...
  15. TonkaTon

    A gas stream (1) contains 18 mol% hexane and remainder nitrogen flows

    Summary: Hello, I need some help with this problem since my professor is bad at explaining (he reads a book and repeats everything), there's a problem online similar, but values and what is asked is different. A gas stream (1) contains 18 mol% (40.2 mass%) hexane and remainder nitrogen flows...
  16. user366312

    C# How to send a binary stream from Java-client to C#-server via Tcp?

    The following is a client-side C# code: string Host = "localhost"; int Port = 2000; TcpClient Tcp = new TcpClient(Host, Port); NetworkStream stream = Tcp.GetStream(); reader = new BinaryReader(stream); writer = new BinaryWriter(stream); writer.Write("Hello"); string str =...
  17. laserzap

    Live stream a computer webcam and embed into website?

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the best way to stream a live video feed from a webcam connected to a small computer such as a raspberry pi. Preferably the most lightweight solution to capture and stream the video across the network so it can be embedded into a website. I'm trying to use the...
  18. K

    Projectile Motion: stream of water

    Homework Statement (For this problem ignore the height of the firefighter) A firefighter, a distance (d) from a building, shoots a stream of water at an initial angle, above the horizontal, at initial speed (Vo). At what height (h) does the water strike the building? No values were given to...
  19. C

    I Stream inside paraffin oil when exposed to high volage

    Here is the experience: I put two electrodes inside paraffin oil (separated by at least 3cm), and submitted the electrodes to high voltage. At 20000 V - 30000 V, strong streams can be observed inside the paraffin oil. Since paraffin oil is a good dielectric, I just would like to understand the...
  20. J

    Is there a byte that never occurs in a float?

    A float consists of four bytes. I am using a data stream of floats through radio. This data occasionally is not a float though, and sometimes I'd want to stop the logging of floats of the stream, by inserting a "stop char", which would be checked by the program. Previously I was using simple LF...
  21. R

    Distortion in water stream

    I observed something which I've never seen before. We left the tap open and the water stream was flowing in a particular pattern. When we placed a beaker under the water stream, the pattern disappeared. And the pattern itself was oscillating. Here's the video link. Below the the photos of the...
  22. R

    Can someone explain the vacuum pressure created by water pressure on waders?

    Hi guys! I have question regarding vacuum and underwater pressure if anyone here could help me out with it. I'm not really a physics person (my math skills suck too much, lol), but I do find it very interesting. I recently bought some breathable stockingfoot fly fishing waders and whenever I...
  23. satyadangin

    How to design canal to reduce stream temperature?

    If i have atm temperature around 32 deg Celsius, volumetric flow 6000m3/h, fluid temperature inlet 47 deg Celcius. How to get minimum possible dimension for my canal if its maximum possible length is 180 m and fluid temperature outlet at least 40 deg Celcius?
  24. Will1119

    Velocity of a Cart accelerated by a Jet stream

    This is a problem for a fluid dynamics class I'm in. My current approach is to use a conservation of mass approach and say that the d/dt(momentum in the cart) = momentum into the cart. This leads to (u is speed of the cart, V is volume J is jet velocity, A is cross sectional area of the jet)...
  25. Q

    Finding the stream function given velocity components

    Homework Statement The velocity components in a steady, incompressible, 2-D flow field are u = 2y v = 4x Find the corresponding stream function. Homework Equations u = ∂Ψ/∂y v = -∂Ψ/∂x The Attempt at a Solution I can verify that a stream function exists for this problem because...
  26. DoctorCasa

    I (Fluid Mechanics) stream function graph

    Hello, I got this stream function ψ(r,θ)=sqrt(r)*sin(θ/2) I have to draw the streamlines of this fuction, however, I'm not sure how to afford this, should I consider this just like a normal function that depends on tetha and rho, or it's more like a polar plot? When i drew the streamlines...
  27. S

    Saw this at work -- an air bubble trapped right under the water stream

    Not really sure what's happening here, did a short search online to see if anyone else has documented this before. (If it's not clear from the photo, there seems to be a air bubble trapped right under the stream) It sustained itself for a couple minutes, took a short video of it too before it...
  28. F

    What does W7 in 'W7 stream cipher' stand for?

    The W7 is a stream cipher or a key stream generator. What does W7 stand for?
  29. davenn

    Stream channels as a indication of fault movement

    I was zooming around the NE region of the South Island of New Zealand in Google Earth today and discovered a classic example of offset stream channels across a major fault, the Awatere Fault. The Awatere Fault which is one of the major faults that the Alpine fault splinters into in the upper...
  30. Spinnor

    Iron 'jet stream' detected in Earth's outer core

    From, http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-38372342 "Scientists say they have identified a remarkable new feature in Earth’s molten outer core. They describe it as a kind of "jet stream" - a fast-flowing river of liquid iron that is surging westwards under Alaska and Siberia. The...
  31. R

    How to calculate the current of a stream of electrons

    Homework Statement The planet Jupiter has a moon Io. Volcanic activity on Io releases clouds of electrons which travel at high speeds towards Jupiter. During a 15 s time period, 2.6 × 10^26 electrons reach Jupiter from Io. Calculate the current.Homework Equations I know current I = Q/t...
  32. xortan

    Android: Can I Stream RTP/RTCP Video?

    Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right place but... I probably have a stupid question here but is it possible to stream an RTP/RTCP video stream from an IP camera to an Android device? I am not a programmer but am trying to select a camera to use for my current project. I have done...
  33. I

    The force with which a stream of water pushes an object

    Hello! I'm having trouble finding out how to calculate the force with which a river can push an object, well an propeller to be more exact. I would like to know what do I need to find about the river, like speed and cubic metres, and how do I use this information to calculate the force with...
  34. M

    A Stream functions and flow around sphere/cylinder

    Hi PF! I am wondering why we define velocity for polar coordinates as $$\vec{V} = \nabla \times \frac{\psi(r,z)}{r} \vec{e_\theta}$$ and why we define velocity in spherical coordinates as $$\vec{V} = \nabla \times \frac{\psi(r,\phi)}{r \sin \phi} \vec{e_\theta}$$ The only thing I don't...
  35. Mr Davis 97

    Reflected particle stream

    Homework Statement A one-dimensional stream of particles of mass ##m## with density ##\lambda## particles per unit length, moving with speed ##v##, reflects back from a surface, leaving with a different speed ##v'##, as shown. Find the force on the surface Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  36. Q

    Plotting from stream function in Maple

    Homework Statement So the question is to plot the streamlines of the stream function. ψ(r,θ)=[v][/0](r-1/r)sin(θ)=constant Homework Equations Im asked to do this in MATLAB or maple. preferably maple. But equations that is needed to plot it is also totally fine. The Attempt at a Solution It...
  37. U

    MHB Parabolic Trajectory Of Water Stream

    A stream of water from a water hose can be modeled by the graph of y= -0.003x^{2}+0.58x+3 where x and y are measured in feet. a firefighter is holding the hose 3 feet above the ground, 137 feet from a building. will the stream of water pass through a window if the top of the window is 26 feet...
  38. N

    Aircraft Streamlining: Benefits and Drawbacks

    Is it good if an aircraft has lot of streamlines ?
  39. C

    Quantiles on a stream of real numbers

    I need to calculate some quantiles for a sample of 108 real numbers with unknown mean and unknown variance. I currently store and sort those numbers, but I would try a streaming method where the numbers are not stored. In a paper is written: "If the size of the input stream, N is known, then the...
  40. L

    Force applied by a constant stream of particles

    Homework Statement I'm making a program that draws a graph of the weight of an hourglass. Obviously at first we know the weight, and as the grains begin to fall it decreases by the amount of mass in free fall. However I ran into a problem when the grains begin to hit the bottom. It's impossible...
  41. I

    Integration of the Stream Function & Velocity Potential

    How did they go from ∂Ψ/dθ = m to Ψ = mθ + f1(r) ? I mean I understand how they got mθ but can someone explain the f1(r) term? Similarly, how did they go from -∂Ψ/dr = 0 to Ψ = c1 + g1(θ) ? I understand how they got c1 but why the additional term? I can't provide further working out as...
  42. S

    How to design a wind axial turbine working with an air stream....

    I want to design a wind toubine ,I know the wnd vel,I need certain amount of power ..How to design it and how to calculate at which rpm will it rotate to deliver my required power?
  43. W

    ChemE. Degree of Freedom analysis & recycled stream

    Homework Statement The problem want me to do a degree of freedom analysis on the following process using the information provided. There are two chemical rx in the process. The desired production rate of DEA (D) is 105,000 kg/h. The air composition is 21% mol% O2 and 79 mol% N2[/SUB. 25% of...
  44. S

    The Pressure Variation with depth in various Water Bodies

    Homework Statement i want to know about the variation in pressure according to varo=ious depth in different water bodies like for river, lake, stream, and all with the possibility of having fresh water or salty water. (not talking about oceans) may be shore of a sea will also work. Homework...
  45. S

    Macroinvertebrates in stream systems

    Hey pf! Learning about macroinvertebrates and their relation to stream systems, and I am trying to understand what stream factors affect their distribution and diversity! I understand that flow rate, and substrate for example have an affect, but why exactly flow rate affects macro's is still a...
  46. Kingyou123

    A boat travels down stream, then travels up stream

    Homework Statement What is the time needed to complete a trip if v = V. Homework Equations t=(2Dv)/v^2-V^2) The Attempt at a Solution I drew a diagram and tried plugging values in.
  47. B

    Younger Dryas and the Gulf Stream Urban Myth

    Every paleo climatology book that discusses the Younger Dryas abrupt cooling event - the Younger Dryas is the name for a period 11,900 years ago when the planet when from interglacial warm to glacial cold with 70% of the cooling occurring in less than a decade and the cold period (during the...
  48. robphy

    Penn State: General Relativity Centennial Stream Jun 7-12

    This week (Jun 7-12, 2015) at Penn State: General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective http://event.gravity.psu.edu/index.shtml There will be a live stream of the plenary sessions. For the updated schedule and link to the streams, consult...