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Sideways movement in automobile

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    i just want to know if this is possible,say i want to bring about sideways movement to the
    wheel and want the car to move horizontally.by providing an expandable material connected at the end of the axle to either side of the wheel ,so whenever sideways motion is required as the material expands the tyre re alignes itself in thedirection perpendicular to the body.
    But the whole steering system would have to undergo a change if that is the case..
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    You'd also have to get rid of most of the suspension and subframe too, and the driveshafts as none of them will allow 90 degrees of movement. When they do it usually means they are broken.
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    Ranger Mike

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    this is already the case. most front wheel drive vehicles have splines male drive shafts that insert into CV joints which are have female splines and thus permit limited in and out movement when suspension moves up and down
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    say the axle divides into two branches before it joins the king pin through wishbone.one end is directly connected to the wheel while the other end connects the wheel outside .instead of Mcpherson strut , a hydragas suspension can be used .so when the wheel re-aligns the two branches of shaft become parallel .
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