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Sigma Notation Question/Trig Identity

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    [SOLVED] Sigma Notation Question/Trig Identity

    I posted this elsewhere but I think I put it in the wrong place so I'm gonna post my question again here.

    Basically I have to deduce the second formula from the first. Both equations are the same except for the top of the right side, which makes me think it is just a simple matter of a trig identity. Unfortunately, I can't find an identity that would work. Can anyone help?

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    i do not think those formulas are correctly written, i mean the second one. the last part should read like this i guess:


    to deduce this one from the first one, you need to apply this rule

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    OK, but looking at the first formula, wouldn't A be nx? and B be x/2?

    Edit: Ah nvm. OK thank you very much! What is that formula called?
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    [tex] A=(n+\frac{1}{2})x[/tex]

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    Gib Z

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    It is a "Sum to product identity".
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