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Sigma_8 and n_s Cosmological Parameters

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    Hi, I'm doing a project on galaxy clustering and in a lot of papers where they list the cosmological parameters they've used, they list σ8 and ns. Can anyone quickly tell me what these parameters are referring to?

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    [itex]n_s[/itex] is the spectral index of the scalar power spectrum ([itex]P(k) \sim k^{n_s -1}[/itex]). [itex]\sigma_8[/itex] is the amplitude of the power spectrum on the scale of 8 Mpc/h.
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    [itex]\sigma_8[/itex] is the current amplitude of the matter power spectrum on that scale (as inferred by linear cosmological evolution). This parameter basically encodes information about how much large-scale structure has formed.
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