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Significant digits in intermediate answers

  1. Apr 18, 2007 #1
    Just wondering if anyone could clarify what qualifies as an intermediate answer. Is this limited to answers within the same calculation, or all the answers from steps leading to the final one?

    ie. What is the current needed to produce 10.0g of lithium in 1.00h?

    Step 1: Determine moles of Li and thus moles of e- involved.
    Step 2: Multiply moles of e- by farads.
    Step 3: Calculate the current.

    So, are the answers to steps 1&2 considered 'final' and rounded to 3 digits, or intermediate and rounded to 3+1 extra?
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    Report the answer in 3 significant digits. Continue the calculation using 3+1 to minimize roundoff error and report the answer in 3 significant digits.
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