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Simple Geometry or Trig Question

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    Hey guys, i am starting to program 3D worlds and got stuck on math... lol go figure.

    This should be simple and I am completely embarassed to post this. But I am trying to find the height of my triange on one side. Here is the info i have, too bad I can't draw.

    It's a right handed triangle, where the right hand angle is on point (0,0). Leaving the far right angle being 45deg. With that being said the Adjacent to length is 50. I neet figure out how tall the triangle is. I hope you can imagine this in your head.

    What method to I apply to solve this? Thank you! :) The only method I can remember from high school is a2 + b2 = c2.... pathagreon?!

    I think to solve the problem i need to use sin or cos in some fashion.
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    If it has a 45 degree angle and a right angle then both the adjacent side and the opposite side will be equal so the opposite length (height) will be 50 as well. You could still do it mathematically though...

    [tex]\tan\theta=\frac{\text{opp}}{\text{adj}} \Rightarrow \tan45=1=\frac{\text{opp}}{50}[/tex]

    So you can see that the opposite side is 50 as well.
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    Wow now I feel even more silly!

    The math didn't quite compute w/ me. I think im gonna have to go take a class again :-S
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    By the way- it is simply "right triangle" and "right angle", not "right handed".
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