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Homework Help: Simple Harmonic Motion - Mass on a spring

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    A mass 0.2kg attached to the lower end of a light helical spring produces an extension of 0.05m.

    Calculate the force constant of the spring.

    The mass is pulled down a further 0.02m and released. Calculate the time period of subseuent oscillations and the maximum value of the accelartion during motion. Assume g =10ms^-2.

    I am struggling with all parts of the uestion - please can you outline a method for me to follow.

    Thanks alot.
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    Would the acceleration be g?

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    Doc Al

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    Already you have enough information to calculate the spring constant, and then use it to calculate the period and frequency of the motion.

    So what's the amplitude of the motion? How does maximum acceleration depend on amplitude? (You can also find the acceleration by analyzing the forces on the mass.)
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