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Simple Van de Graaff Generator Problem

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    My area of concern is C) and if I am correct in assuming it is like Faradays cage, but I am new to all this so I also put down A and B also.

    If you charge up a Van de Graaff Generator and then bring an identical but uncharged hollow conducting sphere near it, without letting the two spheres touch.

    A) What is the distribution of charges on the second sphere? My Answer: Negative charge near the generator and + on the other side of sphere.

    B) What is the net flux through the second sphere? Answer: Because total q =0 Using Gauss's Law the net flux is zero.

    C) What is the electric field inside the second sphere? Answer: E=0, the sphere would act like a Faraday's Cage and the field of induced charges combine with the uniform field to make E=0 inside.
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    That looks good to me.
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