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Homework Help: Simple Year 8 Homework! - Please improve my answer

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    I have a Science Test Tomorrow and i need help with these questions. Help will be appreciated.
    1. Peter the postman rides his bike uphill.
    a. Peter is an organism. List the features that make Peter an organism.
    b. When Peter rides his bike up the hill which body systems are working together.
    c. What measurements can be done on Peter and his riding?

    The attempt at a solution
    a. Peter can detect changes, change position or place, get rid of wastes, grow, get food, produce young and respire.
    b. skeleton and muscular.
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    Your answer for A looks good.

    For B, i would say skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems, since without the nervous system the body wouldnt receive the signals it needed to move in the first place.

    For C, i would say that you can measure the position and speed of Peter and his bike as he rides. And possibly the amount of Work that peter is doing to ride his bike uphill.
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    Thank you for your great answer. This helped me study for my test. I hope i do well. XD

    I have decided to stick around in this forum more since it has more smarter and members with higher knowledge in science.
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