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Homework Help: Singlet- triplet splitting energy of He! what does it mean?

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    [SOLVED] singlet- triplet splitting energy of He! what does it mean?

    Hello every body!

    i need to plot the singlet- triplet splitting energy of He for the [tex]^{1}[/tex]S and [tex]^{3}[/tex]S states corresponding to the configurations (1s,ns), n=1 to 7, and then explain why the plot is like that!!!

    please help. my problem is i don't exactly understand what it means? and what should i look for! i don't understand the question!
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    ok, now i know that singlet- triplet splitting energy means the energy different between the alike terms when they are singlet and when they are triplet. But still in this step, the energy formulas we have only depends on the quantum number n. so how can i find a energy formula which also depends on electron spin?
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    Wahoo, it looks like i have to answer all my questions alone! if so...! i found the answer! this question is not to calculate the energy but to take the energy levels from the NIST table and plot the, the point is for larger n... the splitting energy gets smaller and smaller almost zero and that is because as n gets larger the interacting of electrons gets smaller and smaller .cool...ha?
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    Re: [SOLVED] singlet- triplet splitting energy of He! what does it mean?

    I'm totally being in your shoes. Thanks for posting the answer.
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