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A Size of nuclei wave function in a crystal

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    I need to know what is the typical extention of the (spatial) wavefunction of an atomic nucleus in a crystal, in particular I am interested to the case of a Germanium cristal.

    Please together with the actual number of the size of the nuclei wavefunctions, let me know the references (articles or books) where I can find these informations.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Hello Shikatsuki, :welcome:

    You tag this with an 'advanced' label, so PhD level. Or is that a coincidence? You are a solid state expert and seem a bit lost in QM ?

    Did you search yourself too ? What did you find and what search terms did you use ?
    PF culture more or less requires some own initiative prior to posting. Your thread looks slightly haphazard -- but I could be mistaken. Please provide some more context and narrow down tot the issues you can't resolve by yourself.
    I googled 'vibration amplitudes in metal lattice' and got plenty of good suggestions...



    In short: google is your friend.
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