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A tower is a tall structure, taller than it is wide, often by a significant factor. Towers are distinguished from masts by their lack of guy-wires and are therefore, along with tall buildings, self-supporting structures.
Towers are specifically distinguished from buildings in that they are built not to be habitable but to serve other functions using the height of the tower. For example, the height of a clock tower improves the visibility of the clock, and the height of a tower in a fortified building such as a castle increases the visibility of the surroundings for defensive purposes. Towers may also be built for observation, leisure, or telecommunication purposes. A tower can stand alone or be supported by adjacent buildings, or it may be a feature on top of a larger structure or building.

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  1. K

    Raising a farm windmill tower

    I have a retirement project in restoring an old farm windmill and am close to being ready for the install. I want to pick the 35' tower and mill head together in one operation using a crane. My last statics class was 45 years ago so I'm a little rusty. I know the mill weight of 250 lbs will add...
  2. M

    Mastering Jenga Tower Physics: Calculating Forces and Layers

    My attempt at Q3 yielded: 3a) F = Mu.n = Mu x m x g as a function of layer = Mu x m x g x n x i where n = number of blocks per layer and i = layer number. 3b) From - Fn = n x (LWH) x density x gravity x L/2 = F x d where n = layer number d = (n x L x H) / 2 My attempt at Q4 is there should be...
  3. M

    Moments of force on Jenga tower

    M= F x d at layer 7, layers 8 - 12 has its centre of mass at middle of layer 10, which is where the weight of these layers would be acting. Not sure hoe to determine whether it would topple
  4. M

    Power Tower in Space: Feasibility & Practicality

    Hello, I'm wondering about the practicality and feasibility of building large power tower structures in space. I could imagine something like follows: Take a long structural beam which is positioned in alignment to the sun rays. At the end closest to the sun a receiver is placed. Consisting...
  5. Clockclocle

    I Can a Tower of Books Move with Lighter Forces?

    Suppose n book stack on each other. Since each book have the same weigh then the last book exert a force N=nmg on the surface so it has the biggest static friction. But if we treat the whole tower of books as one particle it also has N=nmg. This mean if we exert enough force in the last book...
  6. Sphere

    B Why does increasing the height of a water tower increase water pressure?

    Hello, I was wondering, for a fixed amount of water, why when the height of a water tower increases, the water pressure at the outlet of the pipe at the base of the tower increases ? I have often read on the internet that it would be caused by the weight of the water above the water at the base...
  7. phyzguy

    AC Mains Transmission Tower question

    Hi all. Many of you on the forum seem to be very knowledgeable on power transmission. I often notice transmission towers like this on. I know the three large wire groups are the three phases of the AC power, but the towers often have two smaller wires (red circle) on the top. Sometimes they...
  8. old fart

    Calculating Force Needed to Raise Steel Tower

    How did you find PF?: looking for simple formula to calculate force needed to raise steel tower. I am not on social media and have no idea how to use a forum. at almost 80, I find having to hand crank a ham radio tower up and down to be challenging. I must lay it down to work on the antennas...
  9. H

    How to calculate water pressure drop in cooling tower piping system?

    When calculating water pressure drop in chilled water pipisystem (closed circuit) we always use Hazen Williams equation as follow:- but in case of calculating water pressure drop in cooling tower piping system (open circuit), shall we modify something in Hazen Williams equation or shall we use...
  10. Astronuc

    Millennium Tower, San Francisco, leaning more than predicted

    I just happened to stumble across this new video. Millennium Tower is Sinking Faster Than Rate ‘Limit' Set by Fix Engineers - Yoiks! Interview with Rune Storesund, UC Berkeley Center for Catastrophic Risk Management It apparently settled (1 inch) in three months what was predicted in one...
  11. B

    Cooling tower -- hot and cold water tanks

    Hi In some projects, I saw that hot and cold water tanks have been used for open circuit cooling towers. What is the need to use these tanks?
  12. C

    I Can a hose spray higher than the water tower?

    As our family drove along the highway, one of my 3 college boys started commenting about the water towers we were seeing. We started a deep discussion about how water towers work and that led to a fascinating discussion about water supply in skyscrapers that are clearly taller than your average...
  13. U

    Falling Tower Problem: Watch How to Solve It in This Video

    I actually have no clue. Found a video that demonstrates the problem: Can someone help pls?
  14. W

    What Makes the Eiffel Tower an Iconic Symbol of Paris?

    Why is the Eiffel Tower a popular tourist destination in Paris, is it a unique structure? I want to know everyone's opinion.
  15. L

    MHB How Can the 4 Rod Tower of Hanoi Inequality Be Solved?

    I am having trouble solving part 2, for $ W_{\frac{n(n+1)}{2}} \leq 2^{n} (n-1) + 1 , n \geq 0 $ I know that $W_{m} \leq 2*W_{m-k} + 2^{k} – 1, 0 \leq k \leq m$ Let $m = \frac{n(n+1)}{2}$ So now $W_{\frac{n(n+1)}{2}} \leq 2*W_{\frac{n(n+1)}{2} - k} + 2^{k} - 1, 0 \leq k \leq...
  16. JD_PM

    Galileo's tower of Pisa experiment

    a) Let's first analyse the plumbline. When it is in equilibrium, it follows from the projectile equation on a rotating Earth that: $$\mathbf 0 = -mg \mathbf k + \mathbf T$$ Thus, the tension in the plumbline is ##mg## and the string is parallel to the apparent vertical. Let's now analyse...
  17. Saracen Rue

    I Intersections between this infinite power tower and a multifactorial

    For those unaware of multifactorial notation, it should be noted that there are some common mistakes made when first being introduced to the notation. For example, ##n! \neq (n!)!## and ##n! \neq (n!)! \neq (n!)! \neq ((n!)!)!##. Just to make sure we're all up to speed, here's a quick run down...
  18. Saracen Rue

    I Find the intersection point of an infinite power tower and a primorial

    Consider ##f(x) = {^{\infty}x} = x \uparrow \uparrow \infty## and ##g(x)=p_{x}###, where ##p_x### is the primorial function and is defined such that ##p_n### is the product of the first ##n## prime numbers. For example, ##p_{4}### ##= 2×3×5×7=210## Let the point of intersection be defined as...
  19. skyshrimp

    Possible to build a space tower?

    Is it possible to build a skyscraper that's so tall that it enters the ozone layer? I was imagining such a tower where customers could go to the top in elevators and view the Milky Way in bed with a glass roof in their luxury apartments :) Obviously not just a tower without supports. Maybe with...
  20. D

    Electromagnetic waves radiating away from a transmitting tower

    Homework Statement: A radio station on the surface of the Earth radiates a sinusoidal wave with an average total power of 50 kw. Assuming that the transmitter radiates equally in all the directions above the ground, at a distance of 100 km from the antenna (ε0 = 8.85 10-12 C2N-1m-2) Homework...
  21. dRic2

    How does a cooling tower function?

    So I'm having trouble understanding the physics behind evaporative cooling. This is what I know: I want to cool some water so I nebulize it and I let an air flow (coming from the outside) pass through this mist of water. Now some water has to evaporate. Here I am stuck because I don't understand...
  22. L

    Precession in a 45 m high metalic antenna tower

    1- the antenna + motor weights about 400 Kg (the helix weights about 170 Kg and has adiameter of 6.28 m, and the motor of the antenna weights 230Kgs), there is an excentricity between the centre of gravity of the antenna + motor and the centre of rotation of the anetnna which is 42 mm in the yy...
  23. D

    Does dropping a Jupiter from the Pisa tower still accelerate at g = 9.81?

    im confused about this thing, because they said Earth's acceleration due to gravity is independent from the mass of the thing dropped
  24. Johnm35

    Can a 19.8 kHz, 1 megawatt VLF tower melt metal?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I am wondering, can this VLF station melt metal (details below post)? I recently did a scuba dive with a company in exmouth, WA, who provided some info on this station. They had been told that the control room is made entirely of wood, and even...
  25. Kai G

    I Optimizing Venturi Effect in Hyperboloid Tower Construction

    What are the ideal dimensions of a hyperboloid tower that would maximize the venturi effect started by thermal updraft from human body heat (assuming previous physical activity on a hot day)? Given a 40ft base, how large should the skirt be and how high off the ground? A vertically symmetrical...
  26. J

    Optimizing Cannon Range on a Vertical Tower

    Homework Statement A cannon that is capable of firing a shell at speed v0 is mounted on a vertical tower of height h that overlooks a level plain below. Show that the elevation angle α at which the cannon must be set to achieve maximum range is given by the expression csc2(α) = 2(1+gh/V02)...
  27. C

    Make 150 cm tower with one A4 sheet of paper

    Hello! I have to make 150cm tower using one A4 paper sisors and cluestick. Can anybody have any sugestions. Would be really thankful.
  28. M

    B Exploring the Effects of a Tower at the Earth's Equator

    The Earth rotates around its own axis within 24 hours. Theoretically, if at the equator perform a tower with a height - H, ignoring its effect on the slowdown of the Earth's rotation (we assume that the material of low density), objects and other complications, at a certain height, the linear...
  29. T

    B Why Do We Lose Cell Phone Connection Outdoors Without Buildings or Cars Nearby?

    If Cellular network towers are supposedly divided in cells , like this image , then why do we loose connection even when outdoors and not inside or near any buildings/cars. Also why is it common to see more than 1 cell tower near each other?
  30. G

    Water tower: Why is all the water at the top?

    Hi. Most water towers store their water in a huge container at their top. Why? Wouldn't it be easier to place the container at the bottom and just add a long, thin pipe upwards to create the hydrostatic pressure? Is the problem that the container would need to endure too much pressure? Or that...
  31. P

    Cooling Tower Range and Approach Relationship

    Hello folks, got a question regarding cooling tower I will like to understand. I got some performance data from some cooling tower makers on the condition of how the cooling tower will operate at different wet bulb temperature. Assumeing flow and fan power is constant, what i observe was the...
  32. shintashi

    B What is the name of this triangular geometric shape?

    I used to think it was called Zeno's tower, but then realized I probably called it that because it reminded me of his paradox. I have been unable to find this shape on the internet, although I saw a small steel tower outside Stonybrook using this geometry. I have attached an image of the basic...
  33. G

    Cell Phone Tower Communication: How Does it Work?

    Pardon my ignorance if this is simply stated in wikipedia although I thought to ask here, So I am wondering how does exactly a radio tower communicate with a cell phone? Yes obviously by radio waves in the microwave? or so about region, but ok let me try to ask this in stages, 1)The radio...
  34. S

    Building a Self-Contained Egg Tower Device: Grade 12 Physics ISU Project

    Homework Statement For my Grade 12 Physics ISU, basically I have to build a self-contained device (Can complete the task on its own after setting it up) using physics that can pick up an raw egg inside an egg cup and place safely it on a table/tower 1m away then continue 1m past the table. The...
  35. W

    Swimmer off tower: Velocity and Force

    Problem: A 65kg swimmer jumps off a 10.0m tower. a. Find the swimmer's velocity on hitting the water. b. The swimmer comes to a stop 2.0m below the surface. Find the net force exerted by the water. Given & Equations: v0 = 0m/s a = 9.8m/s2 d = 10m vf = __m/s F = __N vf2 = v02 + 2ad F = ma...
  36. J

    Please confirm which solution -- Ball is thrown from a tower....

    Homework Statement Question is: Suppose a ball is thrown from a tower 70.0m high with an initial velocity of 3.00 m/s. What will it's speed be after 2.00s? Assume downward is the positive direction and neglect air resistance.Homework Equations I have a quiz on Monday in Physics and thought I...
  37. F

    Tower Crane Tie Beam and Anchor Design: Maximum Force and Tension Calculation

    Hello everyone http://imgur.com/kc2kV8V can you please take a look in the tie beam and anchor design from the link above as i could not upload the picture directly. https://ufile.io/6v7l1 https://ufile.io/6v7l1 i want to calculate the maximum force that this anchor can resist before failure ...
  38. Kerrie

    Dark Tower Book IV: Wizard and Glass - Interested in Movie?

    I am on book IV Wizard and Glass. Anyone else read these? I am interested in seeing The Dark Tower movie. It's one of the few science fiction series that has got my interest.
  39. J

    Why do flamingos stand on one leg?

    I have an 80 ft metal tower that is cemented into a dirt ground. It houses two small antennas to send and receive signals for wifi. This tower's power source is not a home. It has a dedicated line that runs directly to its own power meter. This tower is about 300 ft from a concrete home. The...
  40. N

    News London Tower Block Fire: Latest News Updates

  41. zeronem

    Demethanizer Tower Analysis: Modeling & Adjustments for Cryogenic Gas Plant

    Has anyone here ever applied a control volume diagram analysis of a Demethanizer tower of a cryogenic gas plant, or have modeled it on a computer? And if so, would they be willing to show pictures of their work or computer model with theoretical results based on inlet gas temperature and...
  42. Usman Khan

    Is There a Minimum Cooling Water Temperature for Specific Systems?

    Is there any minimum value of cooling water temperature for a particular system? In our plant cooling water temperature is much below the normal operating range.
  43. FallenApple

    Don't understand tower of Hanoi Program Stack

    1)I have two questions. I don't know why pegs[0].push(i); is used inside the for loop in the first void function. It makes sense that the program needs rings to be placed on a stack. But why pegs[0]? why not pegs[i]? Mod note: Edited pegs[ i] above to prevent the following text to be rendered...
  44. UdayShah

    Heat Exchanger Vs Cooling Tower?

    Hey Guys ! what is the main difference between Heat Exchanger and Cooling Towers?
  45. J

    Coal Exhaust Making a Solar Updraft Tower Work

    I was thinking of ways of making carbon cleaner for the environment. One of the ways I came up with is filling a solar updraft tower https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_updraft_tower with the exhaust from a gas/coal plant. So you'd get a true greenhouse gas accumulation of heat going in the...
  46. F

    Tesla Tower Transmission Question

    Several weeks ago I viewed a PBS program on Tesla - which is always interesting, & I learn new information every time I read or view a program about Tesla. Here is a question that is some what of a mystery - was Tesla trying to transmit power through the ionosphere, the regular (lower)...
  47. Don Wiley

    What is the best location on a 60' hinged tower to attach a line for lifting?

    Hello folks, I am new to the forum and have read threads on different topics that have help me out with problems with my projects. Each of the threads I read everyone was helpful and friendly, so I decided I would try with one of my own problems. I read one thread that has given some of the...
  48. Ontophobe

    B Dropping a Black Hole from Tower of Piza

    I get that if you drop a tennis ball and a 10 lb medicine ball from the top of a tower they will both reach the ground at the same time. But what if I dropped a softball and a black hole with the radius of a softball (and the mass of a small planet)? Wouldn't the tremendous gravity of the black...
  49. R

    Tower Crane Forces: Find the Mass of Counterweight

    Homework Statement Hello, this problem is cracking my mind for days, and I haven't solved it yet :( Crane dimensions: See image Mass of the crane: 10Tons Mass center: G Maximum Load: 4Tons Counterweight: P Weight of the counterweight: ? "A" says: when you have a maximum load (4Tons) at the...
  50. Frankenstein19

    Finding Tower 2 Height to Achieve 3x Velocity

    Homework Statement (I don't remember the EXACT problem because it was in an exam I took a few days ago but it was something like: If we drop the same object off of two towers, what does the height of Tower2 need to be if we want the object to fall is a velocity 3 times greater than the object...