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Relativity Sleeping Beauties in Theoretical Physics: 26 Surprising Insights

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    Yeah those previews are the same as the ones on Amazon and are what got me thinking it sounds really cool! ... the main problem I have is they don't say enough for me to tell whether this book will be way over my head or not. My knowledge is similar I think to what a 2 or 3rd year physics student would know (I forget what sophmore/junior/etc mean in the US.

    In engineering we would say I "know enough to be dangerous" LOL
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    As far as I feel, Thanu Padmanabhan wrote good books (one really good on GR, another not that much on QFT). I am pretty sure this is a good writing as well. I hope your mathematical level is high enough, as this book seems to include a fair level of equations. This shouldn't replace a conventional textbook on any subject, but I believe it can serve as a useful read after you've gone past the major courses in physics (classical mechanics, electrodynamics + special relativity, quantum mechanics).
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    Ok thanks for the help!
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