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Slides from March 2010 QG school

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    The school was held in the Polish ski resort Zakopane, from 28 Feb thru 4 March. Many Loop researchers gave papers and half or more of the PDF files are already on line, available to download:

    SUNDAY 28 February: Spin foam models

    Roberto Pereira: The new SF models
    Wojciech Kamiński: The EPRL intertwiners and correct partition function
    Benjamin Bahr: Graph knotting in the new SF models
    Florian Conrady: SF model for general Lorentzian geometries
    http://www.fuw.edu.pl/~jpa/qgqg3/FlorianConradysunday.pdf [Broken]
    Aristide Baratin: Group field theory in non-commutative metric variables

    MONDAY 1 March: LQG dynamics

    Thomas Thiemann: LQG dynamics
    Kristina Giesel: Gravity, fields, semiclassical limit
    Marcin Domagała: Gravity coupled to scalar field
    Jorge Pullin: Spherically symmetric LQG
    Diana Kaminski: Holonomy grupoid formulation of LQG
    Johannes Tambornino: The flux representation for LQG

    TUESDAY 2 March: LQG and more

    Carlo Rovelli: SF give a new dynamics to Canonical LQG
    Bianca Dittrich: Diffeomorphism symmetry and triangulation independence in discrete gravity
    James Ryan: Phase space of discrete BF theory and LQG
    Jesper Grimstrup: Coupling fermions to LQG by using the non-commutative spectral action
    Yongge Ma: Emergence of scalar matter from spinfoam model

    WEDNESDAY 3 March: Continuum/Semiclassical Limits

    Lorenzo Sindoni: Continuum approximation of microscopic quantum dynamics: lessons from condmat systems
    Frank Hellmann: The asymptotics of spin foam models
    Etera Livine: U(N) structure of LQG states and its implications for semiclassical limit
    Florian Girelli: Semi-classical spaces and spinfoams: facts and questions
    Benjamin Bahr: LQG coherent states
    Claudio Perini: Coherent loops and holomorphic foams

    THURSDAY 4 March: LQG/SF

    Lionel Mason: Twistors, amplitudes, and gravity: from twistor strings to quantum gravity?
    Abhay Ashtekar: Closing/summary/future directions talk
    Madhavan Varadarajan: The free polymer quantum scalar field and its classical limit
    Adam Henderson: What LQC tells us about the relation between LQG and SF
    Martin Bojowald: Effective dynamics
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