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Homework Help: Slope of a tangent = limit of the function?

  1. Mar 20, 2008 #1
    Slope of a tangent = limit of the function???


    I want to ask .
    Can it be true that

    The slope of a tangent line is a limit of a function.


    The slope of a tangent line can be considered as a limit of a function?


    Is it the same I mean the slope of a tangent line and a limit of a function
    or I am dreaming something?

    thanks in advance
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    Did you mean the limit of the rate of change of a function? Maybe you should explain more what you meant by "the limit"
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    The slope of a line tangent to a function f at a point x is the derivative of that function f, evaluated at x. The derivative of a function at a fixed point x is, by definition, a limit. Do you know the definition of [tex]f'(x)[/tex]?
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    The definition???
    I am not sure.

    I know that this is a function. And depends what kind of function is if I imput a value for
    x I will have an aoutput.

    And also for a sertain value of x I will recieve a certain value for y.
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    Has your professor/teacher not gone over derivatives in class yet? If not, the Wikipedia entry on derivatives will give you the definition (and the solution!).
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    Thank you guys once again.
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