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Small CV question

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    I'm a phd student in physics and i recently took and passed the quals. I also have all the credits I need and have satisfied all the other requirements for the en route masters. I've been required to send some people, external to the department, my resume recently, and I'm was not exactly sure how to write the education part. I have a bs listed. I've seen people list: PhD (expected 20XX), but like I said I'm just starting my research so it feels weird to list on my cv: PhD (expected in the depressingly distant future) so I don't list it. But I was wondering if it is normal to list an en route master to give the recipient a better idea of where you are in your education and what all your experiences or skills may entail. Also, when is it appropriate to begin listing an expected degree, i.e., two years out, one year out, after defense or other benchmark? I know there is probably no hard and fast answer to this. I'm just polling the community for what you would think when you see resumes or what's on your resume. Also, it's somewhat out of curiosity because it's only a temporary problem... hopefully.
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    "Expected <whenever>" is fairly common, once you have a good idea of the date (which practically means a year or two out, at least in the US). Something like "in progress" is fine otherwise. Of course you should list a master's if you have it.
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    Yeah I guess that is the crux of my question, how to handle en route masters on a cv. I'm not sure if I do have a masters as a technical matter, but if I left tomorrow I would leave with a masters. Would I be lying if I listed it, or is there a special way it should be listed?
    Thanks for the reply by the way.
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    If you haven't been awarded the master's degree (ie. no one has given you a parchment with your name and the word "master" on it), don't list it.

    For the PhD you want to communicate that you're currently in the program, what your thesis project is on (or at least the field it is in), relevant coursework, that you passed your qualification exams and dates, and yes you can put down expected date of completion, even if it's years away.
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    Congrats on passing your qualification exams!!

    Generally if you have passed the quals, then you are officially a PhD Candidate. You can address yourself as such in the education section of your CV without having to worry about exact date. There is no need to indicate that you passed your quals, as the PhD candidate title implies this.

    Note that satisfying the requirements for masters degree is not the same as being granted it. Only put Masters on your CV if and only if you received it, or you will be legally granted this degree en route to your PhD. I assume if this is the case, then you will have your Masters soon i.e. you will be granted this "en route Masters" my your department.
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