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Small GPS devices with long battery life

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    Hi guys,

    I'm interested in developing a small gps receiver that I can fit into a certain object so that when it gets stolen I can send a text to it, find the coordinates and track it. The sixe of space for the gps device to sit in would be approx ∅30mm, length is not an issue.

    I am not an electrical engineer, nor do i pretend to know anything about electronics however I do believe this is possible. I have seen some devices on the market that are similar but not exactly what I'm looking for. The issue I have with these commercially available products is battery life.

    My idea was to have a gps tracker that would lie dormant until it received a text message and then perhaps run for 15 minutes of live tracking so that I could track it with the use of a smart phone. The products I have seen only seem to last on standby for 48h to 1 week however I am looking at somethig that could last 3-6 months between charges.

    Alternatively if the gps device had extremely low power consumption I may have another power source that may be useful.

    Having said this I guess my question is -
    Is it possible to create such a device that can either interact with google maps or reply with co-ordinates that can be entered onto google maps but to have an a battery life of +3 months?

    I am just trying to find out basic information at the moment so any ideas you have I would be interested to hear them.


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    You could try researching GPS and similar devices used to track migrating animals and birds. I'm not sure if these are available commercially or have been developed by the researchers themselves.
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