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Small turboshaft turbine with 140kW

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    hello, i have a project of a small turboshaft turbine with regenerator to produce a power of 140 kW, with aplications on ligth helicopters and industrial co-generation. does aonyone knows here i can find some references about te eficciencies of the components, such as compressor, turbine, combustion chamber?
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    Sure. Any basic thermo text that covers the Brayton cycle.
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    i know that, but the problem is that for a small or micro turbine, the eficiency of the compressor, turbine, the saft that link the compressor to turbine and the free power turbine is less than normal, it´s about 70% to 80%, what i need is some information to choose and explain qhy i choose this or that eficience of the components
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    I know about the slight reduction when getting down to that size. However, the way to calculate the efficiencies and their definitions do not change. You need to be able to take the required data and crunch the numbers yourself. I can't think of any source that specifically deals with

    Are you adapting an existing engine or is this something that is in the conceptual stage? You may try contacting vendors directly, but, if they are anything like we are, you're not going to get very far. It's worth a shot though.
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    the project is in the conceptual stage... it´s a preliminar project, to have some ideia about a turboshaft turbine that produces 140kw. i´m not using another tipe of engine, and to make the calculations i need the eficiencies, i knoe that i can obten them from de definitions, but for that i have to calculate anda have the temperatures end pressures. and for that i need the eficiences!! so i have to arbitrate some eficiences to be able to start my calculations.
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